End of the Blog

December 12, 2008

This is the last post.  

Rutgers does not exist for us anymore.

Others involved with RU1000 may well be pursuing this struggle but, in our eyes, cretinism has triumphed.

Is this Rutgers RIP?

December 12, 2008

The Star Ledger reports the BoG is primed to proceed with the cockamamie, wreckless and fiscally stupid plan to spend $102 million in funds the university does not have on a stadium expansion that no one wants.  Due to the global recession, apparently plans have been scaled back — producing a Yugo of a stadium instead of an Aston Martin.  But slice and dice the numbers as you will and this financial commitment will mean more money siphoned away from academics and into propping up the House that Greg’s Ego Built.  Pity, Rutgers used to be a school.  Now it is becoming just another mediocre sports franchise.  And do you think donors will line up to support that?


Rutgers RIP.

$800k for Rutgers AD in ’09

December 11, 2008

Do the math.  The Ledger calculates that Rutgers may be on the hook for $800k (a lot of the dough is contractually owed to Mulcahy — assuming RU does not seek to legally void the remaining contract on grounds of non-performance).  Figure Mulcahy, the new AD, Costello (brought in to mind the books) — the payroll just keeps growing.

So the Athletic Dept. waste rolls on.

As Rutgers’ academic deterioration speeds up.

Long live the Mulcahy Legacy!

Speaking of the legacy, Mulcahy’s final posting on ScarletKnights.com is just too perfect: “I was asked to resign. I have not offered my resignation.”


Mulcahy Is Out, Two to Go

December 10, 2008

The Ledger has the news that Bob Mulcahy’s era of excess is officially over.  (We predicted this termination as far back as July.)  No doubt about it, Mulcahy was fired.  What shoes falls next?

We assume the BoG will announce Friday that the stadium expansion will be delayed.

We assume Schiano, finally, will pack his bags and move out of state.

Call it three for three by December 31.

Meantime, our congratulations to Schiano & Co for the invite to play at the Pizza Bowl in Birmingham, AL, a town that would make one nostalgic for the richness of Camden, NJ.  Of course this bowl does have the lowest pay out of any bowl — the Ledger’s Tom Luicci calls it the “worst bowl” there is.  Is there any truth to the rumor that Rutgers fans who attend will receive, gratis, little scarlet brushes as keepsakes of this experience?

Losing $$ on a Bowl

December 1, 2008

Question: has Rutgers ever made money on a post-season bowl appearance?  

Right now, the fan base is in a lather about possible bowl appearances for the 6-5 Scarlet Knights — but even some fans (presumably the ones who can add and subtract) wonder about the value of accepting a bid to a tertiary bowl that will only cost RU money.  And the only bowls under discussion for Rutgers are ones where the school will come up financially short, meaning more money will have to be diverted from academics and into the football budget.

Meantime, in yesterday’s Bergen Record, columnist Mike Kelly makes several pithy comments, such as:

* With McCormick and the university board of governors in a virtual see-no-evil operating mode, the Rutgers Athletics Department spent money like the “Sex in the City” women at a shoe store.

* Cash here, cash there – the piggy bank seemed to grow each day, especially when it came to the high profile football program.

The problem is that the Rutgers cash reservoir was not bottomless. With the football gods calling for more, something had to give – and it wasn’t going to be football. So-called lesser sports, such as fencing, tennis and swimming, were downgraded to intramural status.

And that was just the beginning.

So ask yourself this: if Rutgers indeed goes to a bowl, how many classes will have to be canceled to pay the tab?  How many academic scholarships will have to be pulled?  How many more alumni will join the pledge to give no more until McCormick and Mulcahy are both given the bums rush?

Countdown to the BoG Meeting

November 30, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008
8:30 a.m. open session – 8:35 a.m. closed session – 10:00 a.m. open session
Winants Hall
7 College Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey

This presumably will be the meeting where a kind of sanity emerges and the BoG votes to “delay” the stadium expansion and to strip AD Bob Mulcahy of most (all?) authority.  

RU alumni are watching!

Tell the BoG where you stand on ending the reckless, wasteful stadium expansion:

The President of the University
Richard L. McCormick
Rutgers University
Office of the President
83 Somerset Street
New Brunswick NJ 08901

George R. Zoffinger

Chairman, BoG
M. William “Bill” Howard, Jr.
Bethany Baptist Church
275 West Market Street
Newark, NJ 07103

Vice Chair, BoG
Patricia “Pat” Nachtigal
31 Elston Road
Upper Montclair NJ 07043

Albert R. “Al” Gamper, Jr.
475 Holland Road
Far Hills NJ 07931

Rochelle “Shell” Gizinski
553 Winding River Court
Brick NJ 08724-1183

Leslie E. “Les” Goodman
The Eagle Group
928 West State Street
Trenton NJ 08618

Robert A. “Bob” Laudicina
4000 North Ocean Drive
Apt. 904ET
Singer Island FL 33404

Duncan L. MacMillan
16 James Court
Princeton NJ 08540

Eugene M. “Gene” O’Hara
258 Clearbrook Court
Little Silver NJ 07739

John F. Russo, Sr.
488 Madison Avenue
Toms River NJ 08753

Patrick Ryan
North Buffalo Advisors, LLC
728 Estates Boulevard
Hamilton NJ 08619

Trenton Piles On

November 26, 2008

Legislative leaders — disgusted by the waste, the incompetence, the stupidity of the McCormick regime — now are calling for appointment of a chief operating officer to oversee budgets at Rutgers.  

Isn’t it appalling to be singled out as an exemplar of waste…by Trenton politicians?  Isn’t it more appalling that they are right?  Rutgers is riddled with unnecessary expenses, featherbedding, and bloated salaries.

Congratulations, Dick McCormick, Rutgers even is on TV as a poster child for a foolish pursuit of bigtime football at the expense of academics.

Dick and Big Bobby Mulcahy told us they would put Rutgers in headlines — and indeed they have!