Got hoops

The worst coach in Big East basketball is, inarguably, Fred Hill, Jr at Rutgers — whose team currently ranks 197 in the nation. Hill’s team is 11-20 and the victories have all come against stumbling competition. But the curiosity about Hill is that, apparently, he is a very sore winner, according to the Newark Star Ledger, which recently documented his puerile performance during a game with Seton Hall:

“Which of our Big East head coaches was a bigger embarrassment to his school yesterday?

Was it Bobby Gonzalez, who charged onto the court like an uncaged animal at a referee after forward JR Inman hit an off-balance 3-pointer to give Rutgers a 64-61 victory over Seton Hall?

Or was it Fred Hill Jr., who celebrated like a junior high cheerleader after the shot went into the basket — and directed most of his clapping and hooting at Gonzalez in a stunning show of poor sportsmanship?”

Read more in Steve Politi’s hard slap on Fred Hill’s face.

Or tune into the Bergen Record, which says: “There are other questions about the Scarlet Knights, including whether Fred Hill Jr. is the coach who can lead Rutgers out of its darkness…. He’s yet to prove he’s a good in-game coach. After two rebuilding seasons, Hill, even with the backing of his administration, needs to win more next season.”

Memo to Rutgers athletic director Bob Mulcahy: coaches are supposed to model appropriate behavior (not inappropriate behavior). Just in case you need that clarified.

Highly-paid coaches — and Hill ranks among the 10 highest paid Rutgers employees — are also supposed to be good at their jobs. Of course Mulcahy, whose career has been spent swilling out the public trough, wouldn’t begin to get the idea that performance is somehow correlated with the pay packet.


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