Still ignoring commonsense: The stadium saga

It was 1991 and Rutgers, along with the government in Trenton, were busy ignoring commonsense priorities and pushing through an expansion of Rutgers Stadium.  That triggered an intriguing New York Times story that rings eerily just as true today.

Here is one quote, attributed to Piscataway city councilwoman Lucille Towson:

“Rutgers stadium is never filled, even on homecoming,” Ms. Tyson said. “Yet they want to double the capacity when they can’t even fill the stadium they’ve got. They should be using taxpayer dollars to provide better education instead.”

Indeed, Ms. Towson, indeed.

Of course she was right.  For many years Rutgers stadium was at best half-filled for games…and so it will be again when the Schiano bubble bursts some time next year.

Who will be left holding this expensive bag?

Students and NJ taxpayers of course.

It never changes in Trenton, does it?


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