Mountains of Embarrassment

“It’s embarrassing for the conference,” [Big East Commissioner Michael] Tranghese said. “It’s embarrassing for the schools. It’s not going to happen again.”

That’s how even a sports apologist such as Tranghese sums up Rutgers Coach Fred Hill, Jr’s conduct at the close of the school’s recent game with in-state rival Seton Hall.

Read the full sorry story here.

Memo to Rutgers athletic director Bob Mulcahy: when you talked about sports being the university’s front porch, was there any consideration of condemnation proceedings?  With Fred Hill, Jr. as our greeter, what kinds of students will want to come to the Banks?


One Response to Mountains of Embarrassment

  1. John Lister says:

    Another isolated incident that won’t happen again!

    Like the isolated incidents at Washington.

    Like the isolated arrests many places, including a couple of recent ones at Rutgers!

    Why is it that all these incidents are isolated? Isolated from what? Certainly not from the general pattern of sports behaviors!

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