Dumb and Dumber

We’ve said it before — applications may be up at Rutgers but they are up everywhere in this highly competitive year to gain admission to university. The bigger question is: Are the students applying to Rutgers the ones the university needs? An interesting observation in that regard was made on the Scarlet Nation football message board: “Of course the 10+ point decrease in RUs SAT scores from last years and the 20+ decrease over two years ago dont do much to show that football has any meaningful effect on the quality of students a unviersity gets.” Signed by derleider.

Detailed info on Rutgers’ SAT scores is here.

Interesting, too, is that while Rutgers’ applications are up, the rate of increase is dramatically lower than other NJ institutions, as reported in the Star Ledger. The Ledger provides these numbers: “Seton Hall University (60 percent); Fairleigh Dickinson University (25 percent); William Paterson University (25 percent); Ramapo College (22 percent); Drew University (12 percent); Princeton University (12 percent), and Rutgers University (3.5 percent).”

Granted, Rutgers is bigger than the other schools, but a 3.5% increase in this, the year of extraordinary competition for enrollment coupled with an economic downturn that ought to be sending hordes knocking on the gates of the state university, is pathetic.

Ask yourself this: are bigtime football Saturdays — drunken fans, red-faced fans, blood-curdling cheers — part of the life of scholarship? And if that is where Rutgers is investing its money, is Rutgers the school of choice for the brainest NJ high schoolers?

Maybe NJ’s high school kids are smarter than the administrators in Old Queens.


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