The Hall 1, Hill 0

Give the manners nod to Seton Hall which, in the aftermath of the boorish festival that passed as the Rutgers-Hall hoops game a week ago, has suspended its coach Bobby Gonzalez for the first Big East game next season.  No word from Rutgers AD Robert Mulcahy about suspending his coach, Fred Hill, Jr., although it could be argued that Hill was absent for all of this dismal season, a campaign that saw Rutgers finish 11-20 and finish as the 196th best (or worst) team in the country, per Sagarin.

The question for Mulcahy is: will the shoe drop for Hill who clearly was every bit as outre as Gonzalez?

Our best guess: nah.  Mulcahy is too busy trying to dodge the disgrace bullet of having an empty slot in the 2008 football schedule (9-27 is still TBA and Rutgers now is the only “major” college football team with an opening).  This of course is because Mulcahy-Schiano insist on scheduling a cupcake, to pad out Schiano’s wins in ’08, but apparently the bake shop is empty.


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