The Paranoia Thickens at Rivals

As the number of season ticket holders who say they won’t renew climbs, Rivals fanatics are mounting increasingly frantic attempts to drive “yes” voters to the poll, even ones who don’t hold tickets. Here’s a for-instance of a blatant call for stuffing the ballot box. Here’s another one posted by an individual who calls himself RUJohnny99

Obviously, RUJohnny edited his posts — embarrassed perhaps because apparently nobody heeded his call to arms. Note: here is a link to RUJohnny’s original SOS.

The desperation of these rabid Rivalers makes a pathetic kind of sense. Right now, over 11% of ticket holders say they won’t renew, and if these kinds of numbers play out in the real world, the reckless stadium expansion plan will be that much closer to a merciful death.

The Rivals poll of course holds little meaning, except as an augury of what may or may not play out in Rutgers’ ticket sales in the next month or two.

We hold to our prediction: the waiting list will evaporate and, by the Army game, the stands will be half empty.

Bad football holds no allure for New Jersey residents and, as the elder Richard McCormick suggested to the New York Times 10 years ago, this is no place for small time college football. “Rutgers could have trouble making money on sports because of its location, said Richard McCormick, the university historian. With the New York Giants, the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles nearby, New Jersey residents are less likely to attend college football games, he said.”

We are amused, though, that Rivals has sunk into thickening paranoia about our blog: Writes LawMatt78,Are you guys aware that several of you are being quoted on the RU1000 blog?”

Now they are.


13 Responses to The Paranoia Thickens at Rivals

  1. rufanpops says:

    that’s odd since i work in the ticket office and can tell you that if not a single other person renews there tickets, the non-renewal rate will be 7 % as 93% of ticket holders have already submitted their renewals and over 25% of them requested additional tickets….i find it odd that you would claim that anything that you read on a rivals message board is fact….stating it as fact just shows how irresponsible you are and that your willing to use lies to further your hate for all things football….go play some chess and elave the big time football for those of us who want it and pay for it

  2. johnhlister says:

    For rufanpops:

    “go play some chess and elave the big time football for those of us who want it and pay for it”

    We would very much like to. Unfortunately, the realities are that the gate takings in no way pay the cost of big-time football—since you work in the ticket office, you should easily be able to verify that piece of math—so all of us have to pay for it, and everything that comes with it, like it or not!

  3. Joe P. says:

    Say this link on the Rivals board. I went to Rutgers from 1998-2004 and earned my BASW and MSW. The RU1000 was around back then as well. The name is still a misnomer as I doubt you’ve ever had close to 1000 members, but what do I know- I’m just a blind football loyalist. I didn’t think it was possible for the group to become more malicious, misinformed, and misguided than they were 10 years ago…and then I came across this ‘blog’.

    Your group accomplished nothing back then and will accomplish nothing now, because all you care about is your next attempt to try and tear down our sports program than actually doing anything that will actually BETTER Rutgers. So while you’re thinking of your ‘witty’ response to this, I’ll be making a donation to Scarlet R specifically earmarked for 2 things- the School of Social Work and Rutgers Football. In that one action, I will have done more for the betterment of Rutgers than your group has accomplished in its lifetime.

    Actions have always spoken louder than words. Have fun blogging.

    Joe P.

  4. Wow says:

    Dear the Rutgers 1,

    Get a life bro. You are spending your time writing a blog about a message board because you are bitter about a stadium expansion. Answer me honestly do you think this blog (in which a total of maybe 5 people visit 4 of which are rabid RU football fans) will actually stop the stadium from expansion? If so then you are beyond delusional. It will happen if you blog or protest or hand out your little flyers. A majority want it to happen. thanks for your time

    those who care about Rutgers

    P.S you suck

  5. IAmBetterThanAnyOfYou says:

    This whole site is boring. Just as I’d imagine your boring lives are. Luckily a lot of boring people were able to find each other and be bored together.

  6. bronxboy says:

    To JoeP –

    It’s easy to refer to RU 1000 as misinformed without citing any evidence. Unfortunately, your gift to the Scarlet R Club only assures the continuing decline of academics at RU.

    Meanwhile, your assertion that RU 1000 members do not care about RU is an insult to the countless loyal alumni who have contributed to the school for more years than you have existed on this planet. Our only “sin” is that we value scholarship over athletics unlike the present Board of Governors.

  7. Christopher says:

    You guys are morons. Get a life and move on.

  8. […] last week a poster with that same name (and who claims to work in the Rutgers ticket office) left a comment on this blog. His comment to end all comments: “i find it odd that you would claim that […]

  9. John.G says:

    The Paranoia indeed thickens. Whispers are floating around about the stadium expanison being placed on hold, too. No wonder the boosters are worried.

  10. IAmBetterThanAnyOfYou says:

    John G:

    Would you like to see pictures of the expansion construction, WHICH HAS BEGUN, at Rutgers Stadium?


  11. RUfan says:

    “We hold to our prediction: the waiting list will evaporate and, by the Army game, the stands will be half empty.”

    If you really believe this, why not actually put something behind it. How about if there are more than 25,000 people at the Army game you guys stop protesting the expansion.

  12. […] From The Paranoia Thickens at Rivals, 2008/03/23 at 4:20 AM […]

  13. Nice predictions! LOL!

    RU football is here to stay, just get over it.

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