“A Culture of Denial”

The Ann Arbor News editorial about sports and the miasma of scholastic fraud it has triggered at the University of Michigan — an institution held up as a glorious example of a big public with both excellent academics and competitive bigtime sports — says it better than we can.  Read the editorial, which focuses on how bigtime sports are corrupting the University of Michigan, bigtime.  Says the paper about the university: “its leaders are unwilling to admit the disconnect between the image they promote – of a place where all students, including athletes, receive an education of the highest standard – and the reality of how some students, especially athletes, actually get their degrees. ”

The editorial goes on: “At the heart of this is an inherent conflict of interest, and it’s not a situation isolated at Michigan. For years, faculty at institutions across the country have bemoaned the evolution – some would say devolution – of college sports into a money-making, quasi-professional system. It’s a multibillion-dollar business, a major marketing tool for keeping alumni – and their donations – engaged with their alma maters throughout their lives.”

Don’t just read the excerpts.  Read the full text because our question is, if this can happen at the University of Michigan — an institution vastly superior to Rutgers — who says it won’t happen here?  What steps are being taken to prevent this?

And most pointedly: how many years before the Star Ledger runs a similar editorial about Rutgers?

Per US NEWS & WORLD REPORT rankings, Michigan ties with UCLA as the country’s third best public university.  Rutgers ranks a dismal 20th, in a tie with Georgia and Pitt.  If it can happen in Ann Arbor, don’t doubt that it can happen in New Brunswick…and maybe already is.


One Response to “A Culture of Denial”

  1. bronxboy says:

    Great article. Given the fact that Michigan is cited ad nauseum by the RU athletics department as the paragon of collegiate excellence, the silence of Mulcahy-McCormick and the boosters on this scandal is beyond deafening. Their shameless hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    Big time sports corrupts everything and everyone it touches. The pointlessness of RU aspiring to “be like Michigan” is self-evident.

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