Deferred Maintenance Crisis

The disrepair of the Rutgers campus is starkly visible to anybody who bothers to take a 10 minute stroll down College Avenue — but the Record newspaper has wrapped enormously disquieting numbers around the breadth and extent of the deferred maintenance that has turned Rutgers into a slum. About a half-billion dollars would be needed to set Rutgers’ infrastructure right, says the Record: “It is estimated that nearly a billion dollars in maintenance needs to be done at public colleges and universities statewide. About half of that is at Rutgers University, where there are 650 buildings, some dating to the 1700s, at the flagship campus in New Brunswick-Piscataway.”

Buildings literally are rotting before our eyes, as Rutgers confronts the perilous conjunction of dwindling state support and an aging physical plant. Decay and deterioration are the inevitable by-products and there is no easy fix for the state’s broken economics.

Under these circumstances, pursuing a $100+ million football stadium expansion — with unproven fan support and no clear way to re-pay the construction bonds — seems rather like taking out a loan to add a backyard swimming pool when the house is heading into foreclosure. That might make sense in the Three Stooges economics of McCormick, Mulcahy and Schiano, but in the real world of a crumbling New Jersey economy, the stadium expansion can only be viewed as wrongheaded prioritizing on a Caliguan scale.

What part of stop wasting money on a reckless and futile pursuit of big-time sports don’t the university’s leaders in Old Queens understand?


4 Responses to Deferred Maintenance Crisis

  1. JerseyG says:

    State of the art buildings ain’t gonna learn you something new or make anyone smarter.

    I spent 3 years of high school taking classes in trailers due to a fire that took out the HS. Noone suffered.

    I get your point, but stop throwing out that red herring already. Old Queens campus may need a little updating “just becasue” but stop assuming that it isn’t getting the attention it needs BECAUSE of the athletic department.

    Come with FACTS and numbers (meaning that you need to prove that the expansion of the stadium is taking away, literally, from building maintenence) and then maybe people will listen to you.

    Get your professors to actually teach (in english) your classes….tell the school to cut out TA’s….why are they so over-uesed? Knock off the professor sabbaticals and keep your but home on protest day. Not every alumni wants to donate money to their alma mater when they see silly 20 somethings making asses of themselves while tying up traffic. If you’re all at RU for a good old fashioned learnin’, stick to the books and leave the politics for when you graduate and pay taxes and have a clue about the way the real wolrd works. Noone wants to see a bunch of wet behind the ears kids disrupting real world “stuff” b/c those of us who are grown up know that you have it so easy right now…and when you screw with us getting home to our families and kids…we think you suck and the LAST place our hard earned money will be donated to is a scholarship fund at RU. So more morons can tie up people trying to get home to their families.

    Must be nice to have so much free time on your hands….don’t ever take it for granted either. Come your graduation day…it’s over. Unless you’re a liberal.

  2. John.G says:

    This may just be the most moronic post by a booster here yet. And that’s a high bar.

  3. Elon says:

    Um JerseyG, you realize the author of that post already graduated many years ago? Your entire argument falls apart.

    As for the stadium, you should be against it. Nothing ties up traffic quite like a 55,000 seat stadium full of drunken fans. If traffic is all you care about, logically demolishing the stadium and dismantling the team is the way to go.

  4. RUsupporter says:

    1. I attend Rutgers. It is a gross exaggeration to say that the buildings are “rotting before our eyes.” The state the buildings are in right now does not disrupt the learning process in any way.

    2. Citing the deferred maintenance as an argument against the stadium expansion is pointless, since the money being used to expand the stadium is only available for the stadium and could not be used to repair the campus.

    3. Unproven fan support??? Selling out ALL EIGHT home games ABOVE CAPACITY and being left with a 10,000+ waiting list for season tickets after what most everyone considers a disappointing year constitutes unproven fan support?

    4. No clear way to repay the loans??? Umm, how about the revenue generated form the new seats being added? For those who think the new seats won’t be filled, consider this: Penn State consistently sells out their 110,000 seat stadium, even during down years (years worse than our 2007 season). Now that our football program has been firmly established as competitive, with three straight winning seasons, 11 consecutive sellouts, top notch facilities, recruiting that is improving year by year, and a coach who turned down offers from Miami and Michigan, what would make anyone think that Rutgers couldn’t fill a stadium HALF THE SIZE of Penn State’s, in a much more densely populated area?

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