Congratulations Dick McCormick

Sincerely. Rutgers did not fall in this year’s US News & World Report rankings of national universities and for that we are grateful.

But not very.

Rutgers remains parked at 59 — perched between Boston University and (gasp) Texas A & M and tied with Pitt and Georgia. 58 universities are better and among the schools that are beating the pants off Rutgers are Pepperdine, Miami, the University of Florida, the list goes on and on. These are the kinds of schools where they used to make jokes that the library had burned…and the tragedy was that some of the books hadn’t even been colored in yet.

Now they are ahead of Rutgers academically.

And the worst of it is — despite the millions poured into football and robbed from academics — the program remains mired in mediocrity. As College Football News says in its preseason write-up, “After taking a step backwards in 2007, the Scarlet Knights could recede again in 2008.” In another article, CFN predicts that Rutgers could go 4-8 in 2008 and the realistic best case scenario is 7-5 against a schedule crammed with more cream puffs than a bakery.

Mediocre football, mediocre academics, perfect together indeed, President McCormick.


2 Responses to Congratulations Dick McCormick

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  2. John.G says:

    A wonderful quote below from Robert Goheen, the recently-deceased former president of Princeton, who did more than probably anyone this century to cement Princeton’s place among the great universities of the world:

    “… When the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, early in his tenure as president of Notre Dame, asked Dr. Goheen in 1952 how his school, much the same size as Princeton, could go about getting Princeton’s reputation for scholarship, Dr. Goheen answered, “First, fire the football coach.”

    As in 1952 so today, the best solutions are often surprisingly simple.

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