Are bigtime college sports racist?

That question brings to mind other, notorious toughies like is the Pope Catholic, does Communist China trample human rights, is Dick McCormick a do-nothing university president?

“You basically have a massive wealth transfer from a smallish number of football and basketball players — a significant percentage of whom are racial minorities, and a significant percentage of whom are poor — to a group of nonrevenue sport athletes, male and female, who are disproportionately white and middle or upper-middle class,” says Penn State law professor Stephen F. Ross in a provocative Detroit Free Press story about the absolute unfairness of college sports.

As Freep columnist Michael Rosenberg asks:

“Why can schools make millions off their football and basketball players without paying them?

Because that is the only way they can make millions off them.”

It’s a good piece, read it. A Ray Rice is exploited so that a Greg Schiano — with a lifetime losing record coaching a team that is charitably called mediocre — can earn a staggering $1.8 million, making him New Jersey’s highest paid public employee.

Maybe the Rutgers boosters should turn in their red shirts for white sheets.

It might be more truthful packaging.


6 Responses to Are bigtime college sports racist?

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  2. John.G says:

    One thing’s for sure: Ray Rice singlehandedly earned Greg Schiano a pay increase of $1 million per year.

  3. RUsupporter says:

    Ray Rice received a free education, free housing, and free food for three years (four if he wanted to), plus an opportunity to showcase his talents so that he could make way more money than Schiano will ever make later on. You don’t hear him complaining. Yet you’re trying to use him to prove that college athletes are exploited? Pathetic.

    What’s even worse, however, is that this blog entry draws a parallel between football fans and the KKK. That is absolutely disgusting. It’s obviously an insult to the football fans (who clearly have done nothing wrong either way), but it’s an even bigger insult to those who have been victimized by the KKK.

    I will never take the Rutgers1000 seriously unless they stop focusing on villifying everyone who supports football, and start focusing on bettering the university.

  4. Joe says:

    This website is retarded, yeah Rice helped Schiano get his contract but Schiano helped Rice get drafted to the NFL, making him an instant millionaire. The system works both ways and to post this garbage makes you come off as annoying and pathetic.

  5. John.G says:

    And for all the others who don’t make the NFL? Their labors have earned millions of dollars for their universities, coaches, ADs, etc. And they don’t see a red cent. This is the trouble with this “big tim” racket – it robs the schools that fund it and it robs the kids who play. Time to stop the charade.

  6. Kim says:

    No they don’t see a red cent – they get a free college education. And for all the walk-ons the RU football team receives, I can’t imagine any of them feel exploited.
    BTW – how can you call McCormick a ‘do-nothing university president’? Or is this group also against joining all the undergraduate colleges into one system?

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