Quote of The Week: Get Out Of State Now!

New Jersey has the unfortunate distinction of being the only state in the country that in fact cut its appropriations to higher education over the last two years,” said Vice President for University Budgeting Nancy Winterbauer, according to reporting in the Targum.

This was at the recent BoG meeting to discuss the ramifications of the proposed $38 million cut in state funding to Rutgers.

Yet again we urge high school seniors who are deciding where to enroll in the fall: Get out of state.

Now…had Ms. Winterbauer used her minutes in front of the BoG to talk about plans for stopping the multi-million dollar waste of money on football and basketball and using those many millions to reduce the cutbacks Rutgers academics will suffer due to diminishing state support…we would have different advice for high school students.

She did not — the McCormick administration remains married to its quixotic and jock-sniffing pursuit of bigtime sports — so we do not.

Rutgers may in fact suffer even deeper cuts in academics because Gov. Corzine has said the worsening state economy is darkening the financial picture. The worse news is that New Jersey is looking at many years of economic woes with no real end in sight. That spells considerable pain for Rutgers — unless and until we have an administration that can persuasively advocate on behalf of the university’s academics. We know Dick McCormick can hit Corzine up for a few quid to fund a stadium expansion. Have you heard McCormick’s voice raised on behalf of more funding for academics?

Neither have we.

What’s holding you in New Jersey? Leave for your education, you won’t look back.


4 Responses to Quote of The Week: Get Out Of State Now!

  1. RUSupporter says:

    If you really gave a rat’s a** about the welfare of Rutgers University, you wouldn’t publicly discourage students from attending the school.

  2. Beat Visitor says:

    Why, if you are an alumnus(a) of Rutgers, would you post such an appeal to the students of New Jersey? The real strength of an institution of higher learning comes as much (or more) from the quality of its students as from the quality of its faculty, and Rutgers has recently seen a large jump in the quantity of its applications, and in the measurable quality of its student body, partially in response to the notoreity of the football program (I speak from experience as the father of an 18-year-old son who just went through the application process last year). When the football program is mentioned in the national sports media, there is always an emphasis on Rutgers as an academic brand, not as a football factory. In the last two days, Rutgers has also had positive media exposure because of its Philosophy majors (in The New York Times on 4/7) and because Junot Diaz won the Pulitzer for Fiction.
    Why shouldn’t your focus be a little more positive (or at least less relentlessly negative)? Why not ask your fellow alumni to support the Rutgers University Foundation because of state financing cuts? Why can’t we be as proud of our football team and its long tradition as we are of our fellow alumni and our Phi Beta Kappa keys?
    (I just added a sidebar link to Rutgers 1000 on my Rutgers football blog at http://BeatVisitor.com )

  3. Dr. Ira Port says:

    Instead of criticizing the excellent progress sports teams have made, why not demand that the corrupt state legislature who insists on funding K-12 at the highest rates in the country also fund the academic side the same way. We spend the most money educating our K-12, so that they can leave the state for their higher education with most never to return. What kind of return on investment is that? We spend the least money on higher education which is the engine that drives new business and job creation. We have watched our rankings in US News slip annually. Was raising the budget for the football team responsible for that 20 year slide? Don’t bring down the sports teams demand that the academic side is funded as well and achieves similar results. You are always thinking small and negatively but hey you can’t help it your from NJ!

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