She’s Not Heavy…But She Is

Turns out Jeannine LaRue — the onetime Corzine staffer recently appointed by Dick McCormick to fill a long vacant vice presidency at Rutgers — is even more expensive than we thought. Digging by onetime board of trustees chair Arthur Kamin, reported in the Home News & Tribune, turned up that the LaRue price-tag is more than double what we had feared: “a university spokeswoman disclosed that the current year’s budget to operate the new vice president for public affairs office is $588,577.” And that is to do a job that hadn’t been thought necessary for the decade the position lay vacant.

Even more curious, LaRue allegedly manages the university’s lobbyists, but she isn’t one, according to Kamin. And she will earn her paycheck doing exactly what?

Matters do get funny (in a ghoulish way) when a university spokesperson told Kamin about LaRue: “She also will be responsible for directing strategies for outreach and advocacy.”

Indeed, indeed…and we will be seeing evidence of these efforts when?

As Kamin writes, “[McCormick] must learn that he has to operate on a higher level than trying to ingratiate himself with the many politicians who see the state university as just one more patronage pit.”

Take a deep breath, and flip back to the “Funny” we originally posted about LaRue’s appointment.

At least this isn’t quite as wasteful as McCormick’s Kavanaugh Affair.

At least not yet.


5 Responses to She’s Not Heavy…But She Is

  1. John Lister says:

    “It is a sad state of affairs if Rutgers, a great national research university, has to rely on a politically oriented cheerleader — who may have Corzine’s ear — to advance, as it says, “the university’s goals by cultivating and maintaining relationships with key leaders in the public and private sectors.”

    OK. So $500K is worthwhile, if we have the $30M buget cuts restored. Otherwise, I vote that the office be disbanded, which is an immediate saving!

    Seriously, under McCormick’s ‘leadership’, we have seen a plethora of appointments of Vice Presidents for this, that and the next, none of whom appear to have anything to do directly with the University’s prime missions. Meanwhile long-serving deans are annoucing their intentions to return to teaching. I’m guessing that they have had enough of dealing with the administration and its follies.

  2. John Lister says:

    Just think, LaRue is just half the cost of continued access to the databases in the NJ Knowledge Initiative. Fire a couple more of the useless heavyweight VPs and that problem is solved!

  3. Selective says:

    Wait what’s wrong? Why haven’t you guys run a story about Rutgers Football sucking today?

    Aren’t you even going to talk about this Star Ledger story?

    You know, the one that says that Rutgers is in the top 10% of 119 DI-A teams, and #1 of any public university? How Rutgers does an AMAZING job at getting their STUDENT-athletes to preform well in school?

    No? Nothing on all that? Oh ok, cool, continue to talk only about what suites your intrests, got it.

  4. bronxboy says:

    Selective –

    Please spare us your vile and inane rantings. The ridiculous APR rankings are a deceptive statistic concocted by the NCAA to promote the myth of the Division IA student athlete. It does not measure the academic prowess of the players nor the quality of the courses or majors taken by the players. In the debased world of big time football academics Rutgers is simply doing a better job than the other ersatz colleges in keeping its players on track to graduate. Other than that meager positive, the APR rating is utterly meaningless.

    The APR doesn’t penalize a school for drop outs or transfers. It only calculates the progress toward graduation of those players remaining in the program. The required minimum 925 APR standard equates to a 60% graduation rate. On that scale a projected graduation rate of only 65% merits a perfect 1000 score.

    If the NCAA honestly factored in the 10% of Schiano’s recruits who accept scholarships, but never attend the school because they can’t even meet the bare bones NCAA academic clearinghouse standards and the 20% of players who drop out, transfer or are dismissed for criminal activity, the true APR rating of RU would plummet well below the dreaded 925 sanction line. Of course, so would the score of every other Division IA football powerhouse. Schiano operates a demanding big time program for elite athletes that leaves little or no time for serious study. To imply or suggest that players attend classes the way they did thirty or forty years ago is absurd. Still, it’s fun to pretend.

    Furthermore, it shouldn’t be necessary every year to engage in this APR mania. It should go without saying that RU owes every player a legitimate college education and a degree. They deserve it and those who have graduated should be commended for that significant accomplishment since their primary purpose for attending RU was to play football. Unfortunately, far too many players do not earn a degree.

    More importantly, however, with scholarship on the RU football team in stellar condition as proven by the superlative APR, the university will assuredly restore the cancelled classes, revive the disbanded “lesser” sports and promptly resurrect the moribund honors programs for its student non-athletes. As AD Mulcahy always reminds us, great athletics and great academics can, at least in his mind, co-exist on a football obsessed campus. It’s mystifying though that our beloved AD is not impressed by the Knight Commission report, the Game of Life by Bowen and Shulman or the raft of other empirical research to the contrary. But, the APR is proudly cited as the definitive evidence of RU’s success at achieving that wondrous goal.

    The true value of the APR is the opportunity it allows to assess on an annual basis the ongoing deterioration of intellectual discourse at the university. According to the athletics department and the comments on the booster boards, RU’s national academic reputation is now defined by its ability to graduate a handful of football players and not by the scholastic abilities of its student non-athletes. The entire spectacle is nauseating. Just remember – Upstream red team!

  5. John Lister says:

    Rutgers Focus has a puff piece about Jeannine LaRue. It’s currently [09 May 2008 08:43] being advertised on the Rutgers Website Front Page.

    While the pice is all [grand]motherhood and apple pie, there is not one single concrete achievement. What have we got for our money?

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