Let Them Eat Termites!

Tens of thousands, millions, who knows how many termites there are, but residents of Davidson Residence Halls on the Busch Campus insist their rooms are overrun with the things. Right there is the paradox of Rutgers. Promiscuous spending on a football stadium is proceeding with shameless abandon, while paces away students’ dorm rooms are literally being eaten from under them — and seemingly no one in the administration gets the message this sends to students. Or maybe nobody cares.

Rutgers — literally — is rotting. The infrastructure is crumbling. The Busch bug infestation is just one of a myriad instances of decay — but there is no shortage of money for sports at Rutgers, from the reckless $100+ million stadium expansion to the Hale Center $12.5 million expansion.

Talk about cockamamie priorities but on a campus where jock-sniffers rule, this is what you can expect to get. It won’t get better until there is housecleaning at the top. That is reality.

As Princeton president Robert Goheen told the Notre Dame president who had asked how Notre Dame could become an academically excellent institution — “‘First, fire the football coach.”

Too bad Dick McCormick didn’t seek Goheen’s advice before he passed.


One Response to Let Them Eat Termites!

  1. Jock says:

    So Busch is “a campus where jock-sniffers rule”? Hmm… interesting way to put “where all engineering classes, most biology and chemistry classes, and the mathematics department” are located.

    I mean aside from the fact that the Hale Center expansion took place over a decade ago, you are an idiot. You make the bold assertion that Rutgers – as a whole – is crumbling beneath our feet and is in immanent danger of ceasing to exist.

    Go bake some brownies to raise money for scholarships, or participate in the Walk for Babies on Sunday. Do something, ANYTHING productive other than just sitting in a room by your self and whine about how unfair things are. Man up, get out there, and help society.

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