NFL Draft Report

Last weekend the NFL held its annual draft of college players and this morning brought an email from a Rutgers professor: “Doesn’t the comparative absence of draft picks from Big East schools suggest that Schiano’s ‘Cinderella’ record has been achieved, not just against the powder-puff out-of-conference teams Mulcahy always schedules, but also against weak in-conference opponents?”

The writer goes on to note that in the first 50 picks, the Big East had exactly two players. Rutgers, for its part, had two players selected in the entire draft. USC, by contrast, had 10 players picked. Ten!

We ran a few more numbers. The Big East had a total of 19 players picked, mainly in later rounds (where the chances of making the pro team are not usually good). The ACC had 35. The Pac-10 had 34. The SEC had 34. The Big 10 had 28.

A booster posted this summary of Big East draft picks on the Rivals message board.

The numbers don’t lie. Big East football is not professional grade and Rutgers definitely is not a major football power. And still the university’s checkbook is wide open to pay for more of everything for football.

And for this, Rutgers needs a $100+ million dollar stadium expansion?

So much money spent, so little on field success.


One Response to NFL Draft Report

  1. Dan says:

    This seems like a very backwards argument to try to prove your point. You are saying that Rutgers isn’t good enough to warrant spending the money they do. You, have in the past, stated that colleges should not be football minor leagues or “factories” for the NFL. So when Rutgers finishes in the top ten in graduation rate over a four year period, among only six other Division 1A schools, AND isn’t producing the top flight talent that leaves school early, you find a fault in that? Heaven forbid they play football at a high level and KEEP THE KIDS IN SCHOOL FOR FOUR YEARS.

    Man am I confused.

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