The Official Rutgers 1000 t-shirt contest

Get the details here.

When given lemons make lemonade. That’s the guiding idea here, where we are on the hunt for mirth amongst the boosters — and there is plenty of it for close readers.

Particularly fertile threads for contestants to mine include:

o Randy Edsall=Judas

o Your favorite Rutgers writer is

o I need your help…writing a paper on Rutgers football

o Daily Record Anti-stadium editorial

o Don’t Count on the stadium being finished

o The Official Rutgers 1000 t-shirt contest

Are submissions from other sites eligible? You bet. Hardcore players will mine for paydirt at Scout and also on the Star Ledger boards and here.

Boosters are funniest when they are amongst themselves and your mission, should you choose to play, is to go on an anthropological hunt for true specimens of booster “logic.”

We will post good entries from time to time over the next month, so start submitting early…and often.


5 Responses to The Official Rutgers 1000 t-shirt contest

  1. John Lister says:

    Unfortunately cognitive dissonance isn’t funny! I would vote for:

    You want how much?
    To build what?

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…

  2. TC says:

    How is fighting a football forum over “teh internets” going to help your cause? You’re right about cognative dissonance…they’ll continue to believe what they want to believe, in spite of the facts, and so will you.

    For a group that prides itself in being champions of academics, this is just getting silly.

  3. Michigan108000 says:

    Maybe we should check the Rutgers “1000” facebook website.

  4. John Lister says:

    To Michigan108000:

    Please do. If you find any examples of cognitive dissonance, please let us know.

  5. bronxboy says:

    It’s fun exploring the booster sites. The shameless lies, deceptions and specious arguments advanced by the supporters of big time football in response to RU’s ever declining academics are endlessly amusing.

    Still, nothing tops “I need your help writing a paper.” The first question in that post, “Are you an alumni/student of Rutgers?,” speaks volumes about the quality of the current study body. Sadly, the answer elicited by this brilliantly phrased query is far too often a resounding – Yes, I am an alumni. Paisano not only lives, he multiplies. It’s over. Close the school.

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