The 99% Lie?

Amidst claims by the Rutgers Athletic Dept that a staggering 99% of season ticket holders renewed, doubters are raising their voices about the veracity of this claim — including posters on the booster board at Rivals. Read this intriguing thread where at least some boosters sense there is more (or less) to the 99% figure than meets the eye.

The 99% is truly hallucinogenic. In the midst of a deepening recession, with gasoline prices creeping towards $4 per gallon, this kind of renewal rate is mindboggling.

If it is true.

For our part, we wonder why no newspaper other than the Ledger ran with this story…and we further wonder when the AD’s office will release some kind of verifiable data to support these extraordinary claims.

We imagine our wait will resemble Al Gore’s wait for an honest Florida ballot count.


One Response to The 99% Lie?

  1. IAmBetterThanAnyOfYou says:

    You people truly are jokes. I’m still waiting for the clown you state so boldy “the expansion project will NEVER begin – mark my word” to come out and show his face. Don’t you ever get tired of being WRONG?

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