Fan Lunacy Is Already Here

Blog readers pointed us to powerful, troubling evidence of Rutgers fan misbehavior.

* Watch Maryland fans (in black) pelted by laughing Rutgers fans. Yellow jackets are security. The red shirt wearers are guess who.

Pretty funny. At least the Rutgers fans think so. No word from the Maryland fans, however.

Just think…if they get more seats, they can get more violent! More classless! More stupid!

Keep those links coming! Potential stadium donors will want to see exactly what their money will buy.


3 Responses to Fan Lunacy Is Already Here

  1. Rutgers44000 says:

    Oh my, demolish Rutgers Stadium at once! A few drunk jackasses might shout obscenities and throw things if we keep up with big time football!

  2. John.G says:

    We won’t have to demolish the stadium; it’s obviously already a lame duck as far as fund-raising is concerned.

  3. RUSupporter says:

    And you base that conclusion on…

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