Focus on LaRue

A reader pointed us to this pr write-up about Rutgers vp Jeannine LaRue in an internal organ, Rutgers Focus.

We’ve expressed skepticism about how LaRue, a onetime deputy chief of staff for Gov. Corzine with no prior ties to Rutgers or to higher education for that matter, might earn her $250,000 pay in a job post that had been vacant since 1997. We explored this topic here, here, and here. Basic thrust of the argument is that we were puzzled by Rutgers’ commitment of some $589,000 to fund an office that apparently had not been needed in a decade.

Of course there is no direct tie but it interested us when last week another Corzine deputy chief of staff, Javier Inclan, resigned. Mr. Inclan testified in a corruption trial about passing envelopes stuffed with cash to Hudson County pols and, well, you have to read this stuff to grasp the quality of Corzine’s hires.

Back to Ms. LaRue and the FOCUS article. Indeed, we are touched that she is raising two grandchildren. We are stupefied that she has 17,000 contacts in her BlackBerry. But most of all we finished the article still uncertain exactly what Ms. LaRue does to earn her keep.

By all means, anybody in the know, please do tell us.


2 Responses to Focus on LaRue

  1. BigOak says:

    This new employee of the Corzine CushPush was a labor organizer and was thrust upon then Chairman Steven Perskie at the NJ Casino Control Commission as a Commissioner.Her forte was supposedly labor matters. She was a complete bust in dealing with the rank and file,as well as the industry itself and the epitome of what political hackism has been all about.She earned herself the nickname”FeFe” among the staffers. Our Governr said he was going to do away with Cronyism and Corruption in NJ. Well he has,he’s getting them all sweetheart deals at dear old RU.

  2. Past Employee says:

    Beats me as to what impact she will have on Rutgers…I’d say none…look what she’s done thus far…Tuition will still be going up (that’s in addition to her salary-that the students will have to pay). At the end of the day, one thing is for certain, I’ll put money on that her pension and years of service has been nicely capped!

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