No Confidence in McCormick

A hard hitting guest blog calls for a faculty vote of no confidence in President Dick McCormick. Read on for the “why” of this plea:

“Click on the attached article from Inside Higher Ed to see how the West Virginia State university faculty gave an overwhelming vote of no confidence to its university president, calling for his resignation, because he knowingly issued a false diploma to a politically connected grad student.

“Should the Rutgers University Faculty Senate do anything less for its president, Dick McCormick, who knowingly condones the admission of academically unqualified athletes, including at least one who submitted false admissions documents.

“Is Rutgers prepared to become the focus of a national academic/athletic scandal such as has enveloped too many universities, including the University of Washington which has received damage nationally to its
reputation as a result of McCormick’s knowing actions or inactions during his tenure there?

Rutgers has certainly embarked on that path, but it’s not too late for standards oriented faculty and alumni to change the leadership and course of the school.”

Karl Engelman, MD (RC’55)


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