Getting their kicks at our expense

Ledger columnist Fran Wood explores the disingenuous voodoo accounting whereby Rutgers loses money paying for dry cleaning for guests at the Texas Bowl…but it lacks the cash to pay for the 6 Olympic sports or for much of anything academic. When Rutgers loses money on football — and all three bowl appearances in the Schiano era have been money losers — who picks up the tab? Students and taxpayers.

As Wood writes: “It’s hard to miss the arrogance here — the same arrogance that had construction machinery virtually idling on Rutgers’ campus even as the university and Legislature were theoretically still undecided about whether to undertake the current stadium expansion.

The same arrogance that says it doesn’t matter that the last $30 million for this expansion hasn’t been raised yet. Thirty million? Don’t sweat it. It’s for football. It’ll show up.

This at a school so strapped for cash that it killed six varsity sports to save a tiny fraction of $30 million. At a school that dropped dozens of teachers and hundreds of courses.”

Read the whole column.  It nicely highlights the absurd and ignorant arrogance that fuels the jock-sniffing decisionmaking that now rules at Rutgers.  It’s a nice piece, read it.


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