State Sues Gilbane

The State of New Jersey today filed suit –– for $6.5 million — against Gilbane, the troubled contractor selected to handle the Rutgers Stadium expansion. The state maintains Gilbane never informed the state of a mold problem that was so pervasive it necessitated rebuilding the schools in Neptune (at a cost of an additional $13 million).

Earlier we reported on Rutgers’ stunning defense of Gilbane’s competency to handle the $100+ million project, despite the firm’s documented shortcomings with NJ schools projects and the fact that it has never built a similar stadium.

Keep in mind that in February the New Jersey Schools Development Authority fired Gilbane from some 22 construction projects, according to reporting by the Targum.

No word from Rutgers about whether it is reassessing Gilbane’s suitability for the stadium gig — but don’t hold your breath on that.


One Response to State Sues Gilbane

  1. Gilbane Agenda? says:

    Hmmm – a $6.5M claim against a company that does in the range of $4B a year in construction sounds pretty minor to me. As far as stadiums Gilbane just did an A+ job on the NJ Devils arena (right next door in Newark), and recently did the Dunkin Donuts Center and have done arenas or stadiums for Ohio State, Maryland, the Orlando Magic and on and on….

    Sounds to me like you have an agenda….

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