Pennypacker Picks 9-3 RU Season

At least some Rutgers 1000 stalwarts are ardent gridiron fans and one longtime Rutgers 1000 adherent, Preston Pennypacker, recently approached us with his conviction that the Rutgers football team will go 9-3 this year.

We reacted with skepticism – our sense is that the team (minus Ray Rice and half the offensive line) just isn’t that good.

But Pennypacker persisted. Here are his predictions for the 2008 campaign:

Fresno State (W)

North Carolina (W)

Navy (W)

Morgan State (W)

West Virginia (L)

Cincinnati (L)

Connecticut (W)

Pittsburgh (W)

Syracuse (W)

South Florida (L)

Army (W)

Louisville (W)

What does he base this Panglossian outlook on? Pennypacker explained to us that he is using the 2007 season ending Sagarin ratings. Rutgers ended the season at #38 and, per Pennypacker, the 2008 schedule has more cream puffs than a French bakery. The number in parenthesis is the season ending Sagarin rating.:

Fresno State (60)

North Carolina (69)

Navy (74)

Morgan State (205)

West Virginia (3)

Cincinnati (19)

Connecticut (39)

Pittsburgh (66)

Syracuse (113)

South Florida (20)

Army (131)

Louisville (45)

Is a victory over a Syracuse, an Army, a Morgan State not worth exactly the same as a win over the a top 10 team? You bet those wins count in the calculus of Rutgers athletic director Mulcahy the III. Add in wins over real mediocrities such as North Carolina and Navy and, suddenly, the cunning of Mulcahy III is evident. Rutgers can hardly not have a winning season!

Pennypacker is spot on. The computer says 9-3 is within reach and all that without registering a single quality win. Clap your hands loud for duplicitous scheduling – and know, per Pennypacker, that yet another appearance in a tertiary, low-prestige bowl is assured for the RU football squad.

Go, go Mulcahy III. With scheduling like this, Rutgers cannot lose – and as long as the fans are so intoxicated with the odors of musky jocks that thought is paralyzed they’ll never figure out that the fix was in at the get go.


4 Responses to Pennypacker Picks 9-3 RU Season

  1. RUSupporter says:

    Do me a favor… go look at the schedule of just about any big time BCS program, and you will find something quite similar to the above. That’s the way the game is played… if you ever bothered to keep yourself informed you’d know that.

  2. Karl Engelman,MD RC'55 says:

    All good things come with some cost. One must wonder how much it costs Sciano and Mulcahy to schedule those “contests” with Morgan State and Fresno State. How much are those teams being paid to play Rutgers and become items in the “win” column, or are they going to try to make the case that they have been traditional rivals of RU as Syracuse, Navy and Army? i guess that’s why the football budget has to be inflated so much, or, are they even counting the costs of thiose games on the financial balance sheet for the support of the sport?

  3. Karl Engelman,MD RC'55 says:

    Asd an addendum to my prior remarks, the other day we had visitors from Florida stop by. He was a star RU football player in the early 1950’s, All-East and more, and he remains an ardent supporter of football and other sports in which he also starred. He also holds strongly to the quaint concept of Rutgers being an educational institution, and that athletes who are not true students are abused and explouited. When I told him that thay had just sceduled morgan State in addition to Fresno State, he laughed, He thought it was a joke, really didn’t think it was funny

  4. RUFB says:

    So um, Fresno State is going to be either ranked or very close to it come September. How in the world they are ranked 60th in whatever thing this person is using is beyond comprehension; they beat Georgia Tech convensingly in the Humanitarian bowl…

    Basically, it’s good to see you guys are blogging again. I was afraid you may have graduated and, you know, got a real job or something. But no, rather than pay attention to how APR rankings or the outstanding GPA’s and SAT scores of those who have verbally committed to us so far, you’d prefer to speculate about our opponents. That’s cool, keep talking about the “Rutgers Magazine Affair”! I’m sure someone out there will give two sh!ts.

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