Is Greg Schiano “batsh*t insane?”

A poster to to the Scout message board says Schiano definitely is insane — because the Rutgers football coach apparently tells potential recruits that he has some kind of pipeline to God.  As a recent recruit was reported to say: “it was all about Coach Schiano. When he started talking about how his visions for his program come from God that really set him apart…and I knew I wanted to be there with him as my leader.”

There is no doubt that Schiano is a self-professed “born-again” Christian.  Last May he appeared at a born-again concert and, he suggested, that when his play-calling produces wins, God’s hand is on the rudder.

Some anti-Schiano posters, meantime, say his religiosity is all bunkum, just another con used to hook unsophisticated high schoolers into joining the second-rate Rutgers program.

Rabid Rivals boosters take a different position which boils down to a pragmatic, who cares, just give us the commits.

All this raises profound questions.

* Does coach Schiano profess that he talks to God?

* If he says that, is this appropriate for an employee of Rutgers, the State University?

* If he says that, is it grounds for a psychiatric examination?

* If he says that and is insincere,  what does that say about the Rutgers program?


4 Responses to Is Greg Schiano “batsh*t insane?”

  1. Rutgers44000 says:

    As someone who has never believed in religion, I have no problem with Schiano being a deeply religious man… why the hell do you?

  2. Grumpy alum says:

    Well, I’ll answer that from my own perspective, which would be that lying to teenagers is a despicable thing to do. Schiano can believe in talking snakes and virgin births and the like for all I care, but telling recruits that he, Schiano, knows that God cares more about Rutgers the football program than he/she does about the one at, say, Maryland or Pitt is absurd and utterly delusional. I personally think Schiano is a snake-oil salesman of the highest order – not a bad trait for a football coach, but a very damaging one for the rest of the university.

  3. RUSupporter says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, who said Schiano is telling recruits that God cares more about Rutgers football than other programs? I can just picture that conversation. “Well, Tom, I believe you should come to Rutgers and turn down your offers from Maryland and Pitt, the reason being, I talked to God, and he told me he likes Rutgers better than those schools.” Please.

  4. […] was quite simply the laughingstock of college football (see: Syracuse, 2008). Then lord-and-savior Greg Schiano took over and all was right in New Jersey (well, not all, but some).  But very quickly, Rutgers […]

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