“Perfect Together” — Perfectly Mediocre

Rutgers president Slick McCormick and his sweaty doppelganger Mulcahy III like to preach the doctrine that bigtime sports and bigtime academics are “perfect together” — and now there is proof that indeed they are in sync, if mediocrity is your mantra. That’s because Rutgers now ranks a dismal 59 in the US News & World Report tally of national universities — below scholastic powerhouses such as Pepperdine and the University of Miami — and it also ranks 58 in the New York Times pre-season hierarchy of big-time college football teams. That’s worse than such sports dynasties as the University of Nevada and Ball State. Eight years into the Schiano Era — with the Rutgers football coach solidly ensconced as the state of New Jersey’s highest paid employee — Scarlet Knights fans can take pride in a team that is so thoroughly unimportant most experts tab it to finish 4th or 5th in the weak-sister Big East.

Way to go Slick, say it loud, say it proud, mediocrity is the Rutgers mantra and at least we are good at it!


One Response to “Perfect Together” — Perfectly Mediocre

  1. Robb says:

    They also ranked Penn State ahead of Georgetown in their “Best Colleges in the World” article so how credible is this ranking?

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