Trenton to NJ’s Sick: Drop Dead

Despite aggressive and grandiose funding of football at Rutgers, the state’s politicians — from Jon “Seatbelt” Corzine on down — are loud and clear on one point of fiscal frugality: forget about funding for the Garden State’s hospitals. Matters are so grave that the Washington Post today reported — in a piece entitled “Without Funds, N.J. Hospitals Face Crisis” — that “If the country is facing a nationwide health-care crisis, then the condition in New Jersey can be described as gravely critical.”

Trenton of course has issued a blank check to fund Rutgers football, as state government warlords jockey to see who can be the bigger jocksniffer.

Just as the state is fiercely failing its college students — through Hannibal Lecter-style budget cuts that have robbed Rutgers and the other senior publics in NJ of most shreds of excellence — Round 2 of Trenton v. the People is seeing Trenton giving the finger to the state’s ill, its dying, its hurt.

For the sick in NJ our advice is now exactly the same as what we tell NJ high school seniors: head out of state. Just as you won’t get a good education at Rutgers…you won’t get good care at NJ’s hospitals.


One Response to Trenton to NJ’s Sick: Drop Dead

  1. BigZoffdaMan says:

    Perhaps all ill NJ residents can seek medication at the new Buddabing Lounge with the politicians and diehard scarlet friends on Labor Day weekend.Wonder what their co pay will be?

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