Is Rutgers Pulling the Plug on The Stadium Expansion?

That’s what the Star Ledger is reporting — at the very least the university apparently is dramatically scaling back the ludicrous, reckless $100+ million stadium expansion project.

The Bergen Record also has the story.

For months we have castigated this project as obscene, particularly when the university is firing teachers to balance its budget.

Now, apparently, the ill winds of an economy gone sour are indeed knocking down this house of cards — just as we predicted months ago.

Patting ourselves on the back — we wrote that stadium funding would be impossible.

We started a death watch to monitor the collapse of this folly.

So it is all playing out.

Wake up and smell the jockstraps: New Jersey is in no fiscal condition to march foward with Mulcahy III’s folly.

Thankfully it apparently is getting snuffed out, before good money is thrown after the millions of dollars that already have been wasted.

Next on the agenda: let’s kick off the Board of Governors all of the boneheads who voted in support of this idiocy.

The next shoe to fall will of course be the many commits who start withdrawing their promises to play football at Rutgers — but we don’t expect that to gain momentum until Rutgers starts the season with several losses.

Stay tuned for Mulcahy’s Folly, Part 2: The End of a Fantasy.


One Response to Is Rutgers Pulling the Plug on The Stadium Expansion?

  1. Grumpy alum says:

    This is the best news for Rutgers the university in months, possibly in years. I would imagine that if we don’t see a sell-out season this year, any further additions or expansions will be dead in the water. Heads still should roll for this wasteful and expensive folly on the BoG and in Old Queens, but I’ll take this as a step in the right direction

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