4th and Long at Rutgers

The Asbury Park Press has piled on the reckless Rutgers stadium expansion plan with an excoriating editorial that puts matters this way: “It’s a project that shouldn’t have gone this far in the first place. The 13,000-seat expansion plan was formulated and approved behind closed doors. As other sports and courses are cut, university officials are banking on the recent strength of the football program to carry over and pay for the construction loans. But as many national champions have found, a few good seasons don’t mean continued success. That gamble, if the state university has to be bailed out, could cost the state taxpayers — and future students — plenty.”

What part of acting like an institution of higher education don’t president Slick McCormick and the BoG understand?

Rutgers is crumbling, literally. The state budget is a mess. Taxpayers are angry. The demand for expanded seating at Rutgers Stadium is unproven — and we doubt there is sustainable demand.

Wake up and smell the jockstraps!

Send the bulldozers home. Stop the madness. And let Rutgers return to being a university.


2 Responses to 4th and Long at Rutgers

  1. Beat Visitor says:

    The “Asbury Park” Press has never had a good word to say about anything (unless they’re writing one of their quadrennial endorsements of George W. Bush or shilling for a local developer/advertiser). Though I live in their baliwick, I cancelled my subscription years ago. I wouldn’t even eat fish that had been wrapped in that rag.

  2. RUFB says:

    WTF is up with you guys and jockstraps?!? Nearly every other post, it’s something about smelling jockstraps…think of new one liners already.

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