Doblin to Mulcahy: Just Stop the Stadium Expansion

Alfred Doblin, the Bergen Record editorial page editor, puts it perfectly: “Yes, there’s something to be said for determination against all odds. It’s called grit. There’s something also to be said when public money is being tossed around like a football: Stop!”

The message for Rutgers Athletic Director Mulcahy III is palpable: Wake up and smell the jockstraps! The money is not on hand to fund the reckless stadium expansion and there is no probability of finding it. None. As Doblin observes: “The Rutgers Stadium expansion sounds oddly familiar. The let’s-build-it-and-figure-out-how-we-pay-for-it-later mentality was the mantra of the now deceased Schools Construction Corp. Look where those construction-savvy officials got us today: deeper in debt.”

Read Doblin’s op-ed.

It’s a sound summary of the economic realities of the lunatic stadium expansion. The money is not on hand, football fans are not making donations, and, bottomline, the stadium expansion is nothing more than ego balm for Mulcahy III and NJ’s highest paid public employee, Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano, the man who still has a lifetime losing record. The state cannot afford this and the university — with its crumbling infrastructure and cutbacks in the education it delivers to students — ought not even contemplate it.

Rutgers spending on a stadium expansion is rather like a homeowner facing foreclosure on the family home splurging on a new convertible. It makes no sense — not intellectually, not financially, not morally.

It is time to send the bulldozers home.


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