Obstacles mounting against Rutgers Stadium

It’s time…to call a halt to the reckless and foolhardy Rutgers Stadium expansion plan, a $100+ million monument to athletic director Mulcahy III”s ego, but this is balm a starving university cannot afford. Another voice weighed in with the same concerns in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, where reporter Jonathan Tamari reviews the manifold and multiplying obstacles that are undoing Mulcahy’s III Captain Ahab-style obsession with spending our money on a stadium no one needs and few want.
* $30 million in private contributions were promised to help with the funding. All of $250,000 has been raised.

* Meantime, bids for the construction costs have been spiraling. No one knows how expensive this stadium would be.

Add it up and even onetime supporters are backing off: “As big a Rutgers football fan as I am, I just cannot see the state kicking in any money at this time,” said Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan (D., Middlesex), the chairman of the Assembly Higher Education Committee. As to reports the project may already be over budget, “it just makes you wonder how well they vetted the process in the beginning.”

Just as Ahab wrecked the Pequod, so Mulcahy III’s thoughtless pursuit of grandiose sports visions is threatening to throw Rutgers the university up against the rocks of sports marketing reality and the result, for Rutgers students and alums, is unlikely to be pretty.

Send the bulldozers home. It’s time to lower the curtain on Mulcahy III’s folly.


2 Responses to Obstacles mounting against Rutgers Stadium

  1. Jay says:

    I know that Rutgers1000 members hate football and everything that goes with it but must you resort to distortions and mistruths to get your point across? If you have to lie to make a point you don’t have much of a point. You also sound like a bunch of whiney brats.

    PS, This article has been up for a day or two and I’m the first to post. Ya you really have a lot of support.

  2. stevenhart says:

    Actually, they do. It’s just that we concerned alumni nod in agreement and move on, while the Magoo claque seethes in resentment because somebody dares to point out that the imperial coach has no uniform.

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