Politi on the stadium expansion

Flies are buzzing ever more loudly above the carcass of the Rutgers Stadium expansion.  It just is not happening.

More evidence is in Ledger columnist Steve Politi’s eyewitness reportage of the unfinished wreck that is the stadium project.   Writes Politi: “Right now, there is not a single seat in place and no sheet rock on the walls, plus no toilets, fixtures, etc. The work crew appeared to be putting in cables and wiring as we went through the area. You really had to use your imagination to see where everything is going to be.”

Mulcahy III, meantime, persists in his Captain Ahab imitation…but it is time to face up to reality.  Without the money, without the proven fan support, without Trenton’s backings, Phase II is RIP.


One Response to Politi on the stadium expansion

  1. Adam says:

    How about you have the balls to accept comments from those who disagree?

    Come on. Print my comment. Print my systematic destruction of your bullshit site. I DARE you. Or better yet, email me. Or be scared. Be VERY Scared.

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