Another Secret Deal with Schiano

Today’s Ledger breaks yet another story, yet another secret deal with football coach Greg Schiano. Today’s instalment (and we expect there will be more) reveals that, contractually, Schiano can walk out on his Rutgers contract without penalties if Rutgers fails to complete the stadium expansion by 2009.

No wonder athletic director Mulcahy III has sounded ever more deranged in his strident insistence that the expansion will be done, on time, on budget, despite mounting evidence that neither is likely.

When asked why such key contractual details were hidden from the public, University president Slick McCormick, continuing to play out his lot in life as a Shakespearean fool, mumbled to the Ledger: “I’m not sure why we didn’t [make it public], but I regret it.”

Indeed there is regret all around in this caper. Lifetime losing record coach Schiano is vastly overpaid…Rutgers capitulated to his threat to leave and agreed to build a $100+ million monument to his ego, a stadium that is not needed and which few want…and of course we are treated to the prolonged groveling of Slick McCormick and Mulcahy III.

We also have to face up to the chilling fact that we have been lied to. Deceived. Cheated. By an administration that is utterly devoid of both ethics and commonsense.

All of which brings to mind Robert Goheen’s recipe for creating a great university: First fire the football coach.

Then we need to fire the athletic director.

Then the university president.


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