McCormick’s Mendacity: It’s Time to Go

The Star Ledger editorial nails it: Rutgers president Slick McCormick just cannot be trusted. That’s the gist of the editorial entitled, Rutgers’ quarterback sneak.

Last year, McCormick, quoth the Ledger, “said transparency was an important goal of his administration. “I believe openness and responsible management go hand in hand,” McCormick said.

And somehow in that besotted little brain of his it nonetheless made sense to hide a substantial monetary payment to football coach Greg Schiano and also to hide extortionist contractual terms Rutgers agreed to to keep Schiano happy. Again to quote the Ledger, “McCormick insists there was no deliberate strategy to keep mum. All he says is, ‘I’m at a loss to explain.'”

McCormick, a lying wretch, needs to go.

His sidekick, athletic director Mulcahy III, a lifelong failed Trenton bureaucrat, needs to go.

The sooner they exit, the sooner Rutgers can be put on the path of healing.

Trenton needs to hold hearings to uncover exactly what else McCormick and Mulcahy have not disclosed. Who else has been paid off? Follow the money, follow the off the book promises, and that is a start at clearing up the cesspool that Rutgers has turned into.


One Response to McCormick’s Mendacity: It’s Time to Go

  1. Grumpy alum says:

    There are two explanations here: either McCormick is utterly incompetent or he is a liar. Either way, he deserves to be dismissed immediately. The BoG didn’t even know? They should be on the phone to him this morning telling him it’s all over.

    As to the above choice, I would tick both boxes. McCormick is, without doubt, an utterly shamless liar, but his tenure as president is an abject failure for many more reasons beside. I mean, really. It’s like Rutgers has managed to install its own Sharpe James as president.

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