Mulcahy III: “I make no apologies.”

Gannett has the quote of the day: “I make no apologies. I’m proud of what we’ve done,” said Director of Athletics Robert Mulcahy, defending [Coach Greg Schiano’s] pay package worth in excess of $2 million.

Mulcahy III of course shrugged off the “disguised” $250,000 payment that was secretly funneled to an LLC owned by Schiano.

And as regards Schiano’s total $2+ million annual income from Rutgers football, Mulcahy insists, per Gannett, that Schiano’s compensation is “in the ‘low 20’s” among the 117 colleges and universities that play at the Division I level, according to Mulcahy.”

We assume Mulcahy III did not major in math because in 2007, Rutgers ranked 38th nationally per Sagarin — and pre-season polls peg Rutgers to do even worse in the upcoming season.  How that translates into deserving a pay packet “in the low 20s” is beyond us.

If Mulcahy III’s logic makes sense to you (it doesn’t to us), we commend to you Karl Rove’s long “I make no apologies” defense of the Bush Administration.  Click here for this voyage into Mulcahy III-style argument, thought, and reasoning.  At least they are soul brothers in offering “no apologies” for the indefensible.

Just what part of Mulcahy III’s utter lack of ethics — his unsuitability for a position of authority on any university campus — doesn’t the Rutgers BoG grasp?


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