Royalty at Rutgers

The Daily Record editorial is one we wish we had written. Out of the gate, the lead sentence grabs you: “Why does a college football coach deserve to be treated like the emperor of a small country?”

The Record goes on to point out that, even worse, Rutgers — the state university — tried to hide at least part of the payments (over $2 million!) to coach Schiano, he of the lifetime losing record.

It’s time, time to declare Rutgers’ foray into “bigtime football” (well, in Schiano’s case, “middling time football”) over. It’s a failed experiment that now threatens to corrupt the very soul of the university’s ethics. Blow the whistle, this game is over.


One Response to Royalty at Rutgers

  1. Dr. Know says:

    Honestly, it’s not the $250 million side deal that bothers me – that’s money Schiano brought into the program. What bugs me is that RU can afford to pay Coach $1.6 million PLUS free housing, at a time when TA’s, PTL’s and non-tenured instructors are struggling to pay their rents in Highland Park & New Brunswick. If Schiano and Stringer would just agree to each take a 10% pay cut, and earmark that money to subsidize housing for the underpaid instructors who are teaching the vast majority of football players who are NOT going to go pro and may need to fall back on their educations, I’d never say another word.

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