Schianogate: The Stench Spreads

More newspapers are piling on the hidden payments and concealed clauses scandal and, as the coverage multiplies, so does the damage to Rutgers’ reputation, for both academics and ethics.

Not only is football coach Greg Schiano paid in excess of $2 million — on the basis of a lifetime losing record and in a time of draconian cutbacks in funding for education at Rutgers — but the school administrators who approved these deals (Slick McCormick and Mulcahy III) were apparently so ashamed of what they had done that they hid the terms from the public, the university Board of Governors, and the state legislature.

We of the Rutgers 1000 call upon the legislature to immediately open an investigation into Schianogate.  The implications of this scandal are threatening to destroy nearly 250-years of academic history at Rutgers, which is quickly becoming a laughingstock, known not for learning, but for giving into an obstreperous, puerile coach who is far better at beating Mulcahy III in contract talks than he has ever been in beating opponents on the field.

Rutgers needs to clear house and the broom has to get pushed by Trenton.

It is time to shine a bright light on Schianogate before there is no university left to save.


11 Responses to Schianogate: The Stench Spreads

  1. Grumpy alum says:

    I can’t stop myself from posting this little gem I found over at

    “Wait…I’m confused.

    Why Is Schiano so concerned about the ease from which he can walk away from his “dream job?””

    Touche! I would offer as an answer the suspicion that he’s been lying through his teeth about his “dream job”. What a trio of clowns McCormick, Mulcahy and Schiano make.

  2. rulaw says:

    Why does everyone care. The taxpayers are not affected by this and as a Rutgers Alumn I am proud that we are doing everything to keep a key employee like Greg Schiano at our University to continue expanding the schools coffers and yearly applications. Not only will the schools academics increase but the budget will as well since the mindless NJ politicians keep cutting funding to our University.

    It was apparent and made public that Schiano would make 2 million after bonuses and getting 250K from a sponsor instead of the taxpayers money should be something the state should be proud about.

    Get over it. Great move Rutgers. Poor NJ political leadership and shotty reporting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    rulaw – a coach should never be a “key employee” at a university, but especially not at a state university. It is a university, not the football minor league. The football team is not self supporting, and if it is indeed expanding the schools coffers, then the first step should have been to reinstate the other sports teams that were cut. The justification that the team will bring in more revenue is moot if that revenue is going directly into Schiano’s pocket!

  4. "anonymous" says:

    Why the phuck does anyone care? Yea a lot of money is being spent but geez we’re getting a freaken make over here and no one’s tax money is being used. Damn stadium is old as hell anyway they should have done this a long time ago. Are you aware of how much TV time people get while watchen sports. Being on ESPN and having people see RUTGERS this RUTGERS that…yea with a crappy stadium a crap coach equals a crappy team. Face it when we went to go check out colleges you didn’t want to go to one that looked ugly. Why would great players want to play at a shytty stadium. It’ll bring more money in man. Money is def. getting cut by out gay ass governor but I see a brighter future for Rutgers with the building of this. Why ask to see the contract if we all know its going to be bad? Forget it and let it be before our reputation gets ruin. Stupid RUTGERS1000 your just maken stuff worst.

  5. hugh says:

    The women who run this site are nothing but racists who don’t want to see young black men get an education.

  6. bronxboy says:

    The women who run this site simply want a quality education at a real college for all RU students. Sadly, that is no longer possible at the debased, booster dominated Division IA football factory on the Raritan. There is nothing more racist than the notion that minorities are incapable of securing a higher education other than through athletics. It is one of the many reasons that big time college football is such a corrupt and fundamentally immoral enterprise.

  7. Grumpy alum says:

    I didn’t know that women ran this site – good to see!

  8. Alum from the Banks says:

    If you think that Athletics is the only way for people of color to get an education at Rutgers, you have a limited and ignorant view of both higher education and RU. Rutgers has a number of programs offering support both academically and financially for underrepresented minorities–the Educational Opportunity Fund and the new Rutgers Future Scholars Program, just to name two.

    These programs focus on giving students the proper support and advancement to access higher education for the sake of education, not for the sake of becoming eligible to play ball.

  9. It's Time says:

    Now a tradition of criminals,mediocre bowls smothered in red ink, contract extentons for a LOSING record and then to hold everyone at bay by threatening to go back to Thug U.Michigan and Joe Papa’s House has finally been uncovered for the Cosa Nostra Technique that it always has been.

  10. BigRedCrooks says:

    What did anyone expect from the Mobcahy-McCorruptmick connection,the truth? Now Rutgers has the Schiano Sinkhole,Gilbane Gorge,Mickey’s Mudpit or Howard’s Hole to contend with. Maybe they can take all the secret cash from Schaino’s Slush Fund and fill in the south end zone when nobody’s looking. The Big Red Con Job is drawing to it’s final curtain and it will be at taxpayer expense.

  11. hinson32 says:

    Can you post the comments from State senator President Richard Cody on your blog site? His words were in the front page Star Ledger article from 7/24. You have been great with using Star Ledger articles, I was a little surprised not to see todays.

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