A Call to Arms

Disgusted by what Schianogate is doing to Rutgers the University? Express your thoughts to people who can help change the situation. Key email addresses include:

* BOG Chair Howard – mwhoward@bethany-newark.org

* Pat Diegnan, the Assemblyman who heads the Higher Ed Committee (AsmDiegnan@njleg.org),

* Loretta Weinberg, the State senator who has called for a formal investigation (SenWeinberg@njleg.org)

*Matthew Boxer, New Jersey’s independent state comptroller (comptrollertips@osc.state.nj.us).

* Slick McCormick (koncsol@oldqueens.rutgers.edu)

* Mulcahy III — rmulcahy@scarletknights.com

* Carol Herrin, president, Rutgers Foundation — cherring@winants.rutgers.edu


Short and sweet should do it. One alum shared the text of his email:

Header: Fire Mulcahy

Text: Rutgers has endured enough shame. Pull the plug on Schianogate. 7 major newspapers have editorialized against this fiasco. Why is the BoG paralyzed?


Another alum forwarded his email to Slick McCormick:

President Richard McCormick,
Although this past year you promised “financial transparency” for
Rutgers, the current state of things seem pretty dark. In the course
of the past week’s revelations about the covert and sub rosa dealings
associated with Rutgers University Athletics, specifically the
contract of football coach Greg Schiano, members from across the
Rutgers community feel betrayed by its steward and leader.

Whether the most adamant booster or stalwart critic of athletics at
Rutgers, we were all intentionally deceived. This pattern of behavior
reveals a compulsive need to hide the actions of the upper echelon of
your administration not only from the public, but in this case, even
to members of the Board of Governors, the supreme governing body of
Rutgers University.

We hope that these recently surfaced “sweet deals” are isolated
deceptions done in a sense of desperation and coercion.

In order to assure the alumni, students, staff, faculty and the State
of New Jersey, we demand that all financial information regarding
athletics including contracts in full, budgets, and expenditures are
made public as to fulfill your own promise to the University of
“financial transparency.”


Another alum sent this to Carol Herrin:

Header: Schianogate

Text: Obviously Rutgers has no need for our money — vide the gusher for Greg “Greedy” Schiano, he of the lifetime losing record — so you will understand that we will be emailing fellow alums and encouraging them to direct their charitable impulses elsewhere, at least until Mulcahy and Schiano are removed from the university’s payroll.


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