Rutgers: The Mediocrities Multiply

Way to go, Mulcahy III and Greedy Greg Schiano — Big East beat writers peg the Scarlet Knights to finish 4th in the conference. Of course it is only an 8 team conference. Is this what pouring millions and millions of dollars into “bigtime” football buys you? What a disgrace. These clowns cannot even deliver on the football promise. So Rutgers now has mediocre — and deteriorating — academics and expensive but mediocre football. No wonder the state is investigating Schianogate and the rest of the inexplicable actions by Rutgers leadership.

Meantime, Slick McCormick — seeing his job blowing up in front of his eyes announced the emergency appointment of a “special committee” to investigate the financial practices of the athletic department and its leader, Trenton hack Mulcahy III. Legendary jocksniffer Al Gamper, former chairman and current member of the Rutgers governing board, is on the panel but the bulk of the membership of the committee is TBA, mainly because who would want to step into this particular pile? Mulcahy III, are you hearing footsteps yet? Somewhere there’s a big clock ticking away the minutes you have left in your job.

Keep in mind that Mulcahy III has insisted on throwing millions at Greedy Greg Schiano, a coach with a lifetime losing record and with so few quality wins you can count them on one hand and still have fingers left free to pop open another beer.

Schiano’s skill may be simple sophistry, at the very least he has a peculiar take on accountability and ethics. In a q & a posted on, Schiano was asked about defensive tackle Justin Francis, who was arrested last spring for robbery. At the time of arrest, with great fanfare, Schiano said Francis was suspended from the team. But hold on. Now Schiano says: “What I did when this all went down is I decided that Justin, regardless of what happens will be suspended for the season from competition. From that point on, I needed to wait until the legal system plays out. And I did, but from early on Justin and I talked and he was very forthright with me and I just made a decision that this is what needed to be done.

“So in the interim, at some point in his career he was going to need to have his shoulder fixed. So before we knew what we going to happened, he got his shoulder fixed. So he’ll be with us, but he won’t be eligible to compete by my edict.”

So…the kid is taking a medical redshirt year off…which he needs to repair his shoulder…and, somehow, Schiano thinks this can be spun as discipline? Hey, Greg, if the coaching thing doesn’t work out for you, don’t expect a job in the philosophy department, hear.

But Mulcahy III can top Schiano’s rhetorical flourish, sort of. The best line from today is in the Ledger piece: “Mulcahy could not immediately be reached for comment.” Do you think he’s out scouting retirement property in Florida? That we don’t know, but we do know McCormick soon will be handing him the gold watch…probably at midnight in a Piscataway mini-mall parking lot.

Oh…and here’s a little music — and a little more — for Gamper and his jocksniffing cronies to enjoy as they go about their work on McCormick’s small joke of a committee.


9 Responses to Rutgers: The Mediocrities Multiply

  1. cody says:

    Al Gamper is running the committee. The same Gamper that walked all over the people trying to save the sports which were cut. The same Gamper that refused to allow any transparency about the process and limited debate since the decision was final before any public hearings. The same Gamper who shares the same vision that McCormick and Mulcahy have pushed? So this is what Rutgers might consider an independent committee.

    I wonder what the results of his investigation will show and yes that’s a rhetorical question.

  2. Grumpy alum says:

    So, the committee’s going to be co-chaired by hyper-booster Al Gamper? I call whitewash!

  3. FoxyLady says:

    RU1000 home to the sexually frustrated losers that hate all that is physical. see rubber gloves, lube, animal house.

  4. It's Time says:

    McCormick=Nixon,Mulcahy=Kissinger,Schiano=BeBE ReBOZO,Corzine=Halderman,Codey=Ehrlichman and Miello=G.Gordon Liddy. Rev.Howard=Rev.Billy Graham,
    Gamper,O’Hara,Russo are the Schianogate burglars and bagmen. Now who was the Spiro Agnew who takes the first hit for all this: No Lo contendre Demarest,hoping that it would all go away. Oops!
    18 minutes of missing tapes=$118 million in missing funds.
    To be served at RU concession stands this season:Schiano Slushees,they’re free.After all you paid for them already.

  5. EyesandEars says:

    So Foxy,tell us how many trips have you made to the locker room and taken one for the team?

  6. Graystork says:

    LOL. Give it up Rutgers 1000. You bunch of frustrated Ivy League rejects that had to “settle” for Rutgers are never going to turn RU into what you couldn’t attend, an Ivy League school. You’ve lost the battle. RU’s never giving up Division 1 sports and is now doing something you said was impossible. The football program made a profit of $5,000,000 last year. So all of your false alarms about football sucking money from your noble causes are rubbish. To the contrary, it’s the only activity at Rutgers that actually makes money. Long live the Rutgers 56,000! until it becomes the Rutgers 76,000!

    “You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. Believe it or not the universe is laughing behind your back.”

  7. Tom Arena says:

    Wow, I love that last comment! Go RU Football!!!
    R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Milkman says:

    RU 1000 applications should increase after last nights debacle. Hate to admit it,but you people have been right on the mark about Rugters adminsitrtors,coaches and covicts throughout. Keep hammering.

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