Raining Bad News on Rutgers: Mulcahy III’s Legacy

The terrible press continues to pour on Rutgers and its athletic director, Mulcahy III, he of the air of scumbag entitlement. From today’s clippings:

* “Show Us The Money.” The Asbury Park Press editorializes about the farce the Seatbelt Corzine-Elizabeth Ray Lesniak private fundraising has degenerated into. The best line in the piece: “How many ways are there to illustrate the word ‘debacle’? It looks like the Rutgers stadium project might have a lock on many of them.”

* “Corzine and ethics don’t mix.” An editorial in Gannett’s central Jersey papers, posted at MyCentralJersey.com. The best line in this editorial about the private fund raising debacle: “the governor has proven to be just like so many others, believing ethical restraints are for other people. He makes up the rules that apply to himself as he goes along.” Are you reading, Seatbelt Corzine?

No one remembers a time when so many newspapers across the state joined in editorializing with so much agreement. Rutgers does not need this reckless and wasteful stadium expansion, few want it, and what people do want is accountability and transparency in Rutgers affairs coupled with a push for more investment in academics. It really is time to give Mulcahy III that imitation Rolex in a midnight retirement ceremony in Piscataway. Kick him in the rear, and let’s get moving to repair the damage he has inflicted on Rutgers.

New anti-Mulcahy-McCormick groups keep forming too. Freshly up on the web is Rutgers Watch, with an indepth look at the old Jocksniffer Gamper and Slick McCormick’s flatulent wee special committee on athletics spending. Do you think they’ll sit on whoopie cushions at their meetings? Just to set the right, proper tone?


4 Responses to Raining Bad News on Rutgers: Mulcahy III’s Legacy

  1. It's Time says:

    More rumors surfacing today. Did the Touchdown Club start selling raffle tickets for 50 yard line seats fund raiser before ever procurring a license number from Legalized Games of Chance? Was a special pension worked out back in the Whitman administration for the AD whenever he retired? Who would take over should Mr.M resign or retire? The name Quinlan,over at Seton Hall was thrown into the mix.Several people asked to be removed from the waiting list because of these allegtions.The ticket office still does not answer as to specifics of where season ticket holders requests actually stand. Would Rutgers go outside for any and all future major hires from here on out? The fingerpointing and questionable practices are all coming out. Where will it end? Over ten news outlets are putting their ivestigative personnel on this. It looks like it’s going to be hard to pull any more wool over the publics eyes on this.

  2. Decade of Deceit says:

    Rutgers trying to use a cover story that a no bid contract to Nelligan was okay? At the time,the University and state law required that any apropriation of over $1000 had to go out to bid. Did the University,adminstrators and lawyer involved feel that they were above the law way back then? Funny how the same atitude has grown over the last 10 years when it comes to recruits,players,coaches and admnistrators. Also how come basketball coach C.Vivian Stringer,her sweetheart deal,actions of some of her players,team and yes family are all given a pass to this point. Add to it the actions by a pair of wrestlers sanctioned by the then coach and department show the ongoing non respect nor adherence to existing laws. That’s because many at Rutgers obviously all felt they were and still are above it. Just ask the football staff relevant to Messers. Clark,Peterson,Miller,Franks and others.
    Until Chris Chrisite is directly involved,things will stay the same with a new spin and nothing more. By the way did anyone notice how quiet the Republican leadership has been on these issues,even though the Dems are up tp their elbows in it? Makes one ponder ho deep the charade reallt has gone over the last decade.

  3. Bateman-Burns says:

    Neither of these coaches above,their admnistrators or players would’ve tolerated the actons of this runaway regime of incompetence. Do you ever wonder why Coach Burns never lends his name to any of this? Clean up the mess and run it by the book.

  4. cody says:

    Mulcahy claims football is making millions?? If so why did he cut 6 Olympic sports or 150+ student athletes whose academic records were at the top of Rutgers athletics? At the time he claimed they needed the money (although the budget was increased). The story kept morphing as his claims did not hold water. He and McCormick refused any transparancy by producing any type of analysis to back their statements so its no surprise to see this management team showing a complete lack of transparency today. At the time they were told any savings would be lost due to increased scholorships required by Title IX, now its official. Rutgers watch said it best in this paragraph:

    “As chairman of the Board of Governors in 2006, Gamper was the point-man in the effort by the McCormick administration to squash the resistance of the university community to the elimination of the six Olympic and participatory sports. Various explanations were offered by the Gamper group, none of which held up to even cursory examination: Title 9, short term funding issues, long-term funding issues, lack of “excellence”—their explanations were as baseless as they were fleeting. Heroic efforts by supporters to rally the funds to separately and permanently endow the sports were more than spurned by Gamper. They were ridiculed, assaulted, derided, mocked, and, ultimately, ignored. Meanwhile, that year Gamper was complicit in an increase of the football budget by almost a million dollars.”

    The BOG was their rubber stamp then as it is today. What’s really surprising is that many are surprised about what is being exposed today.

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