Schianogate on TV

The deepening scandal that is unraveling the Rutgers athletic department made the airwaves tonight — move the cursor to 8:27 and sit back for a couple minute piece on New Jersey Public Television. The state comptroller’s investigation, the special Rutgers committee, the “funny” movement of money from Nelligan into a Greedy Greg Schiano LLC all figure into the report.

Read more clips here — there’s coverage in the Asbury Park Press, the Star Ledger, Philly Inky, Newsday and more, as the Mulcahy III athletics reign continues to shower shame on Rutgers University.

PolitickerNJ piles on with a pithy skewering of Mulcahy III the man who would be king (if only he had a brain and a heart and could shed that air of scumbag entitlement).

And College On The Record comes out slugging with a story headlined, RU Athletics Caught Embezzling Money, Again.

Way to go, Mulcahy III! You continue to deliver more media coverage for the university and, for sure, this will translate into more and better applicants and more and bigger donations. Righto!

The puzzlement is that anyone, ever, believed Mulcahy III’s proclamations. Somebody did, didn’t they?


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