Mulcahy Must Go

Mulcahy III’s rain of shame on Rutgers intensifies, as the Star Ledger piles on with an editorial, “Rutgers sports chief is out of bounds.”

The Ledger basically argues for Seatbelt Corzine to dump Mulcahy III because of the stench of inescapable conflict involved in doing a sweet, no bid deal with Nelligan Sports at the very same time Mulcahy III’s son, Robert J., was employed by Nelligan as a vice president. There is no other way to parse this. It stinks, period.

The Ledger also joins us in expressing skepticism about Slick McCormick’s special ethics committee (“having any confidence about the in-house review will be difficult”), but it pinpoints its opposition to membership on the committee of the old Jocksniffer Gamper: “McCormick should look for someone less of a booster than Gamper and be a bit more circumspect in selecting the rest of the committee.” We second that motion.

And then there’s Alfred Doblin, an editorial columnist over at the Bergen Record. He savages Rutgers and Mulcahy in his piece, “Return of the scarlet panther.” Writes Doblin: “[Greedy Greg] Schiano is the highest-paid state employee in a state facing a massive fiscal crisis. It’s time for state officials to stop drinking the Gatorade and come back to reality.”

Mulcahy III, meantime, has finally admitted — despite his vociferous denials — that the stadium expansion, if it goes forward at all, will be significantly scaled down. Our bet continues to be that it will be “scaled down” much, much more than Mulcahy III suggests in this piece. We believe Phase 2 will in fact be delayed “indefinitely,” as the worsening state economy makes further expenditure on Rutgers football look like a sucker’s investment.

For Rutgers, the wake up call out of all of this media attention is that the once positive press gusher triggered by Rutgers football has turned very, very sour. Fire Mulcahy III now, let the healing begin.


6 Responses to Mulcahy Must Go

  1. James Cahill says:

    Strange how’s there’s not mention here of anything written in today’s Home News Tribune. Strange indeed.

  2. Rutgers44000 says:

    No it isn’t. It would completely ruin their agenda. Nothing strange about them looking the other way when info comes out that proves them wrong.

  3. RC02 says:

    You ask for the Rutgres admin to ‘wake up’ and make the right decision?

    If recent and past history is any indication, you ask for the impossible.

  4. Grumpy alum says:

    Making money? If this is true, let them open the books and have an independent audit confirm this. Until this is done, especially given the history of deception and duplicity associated with Mulcahy and McCormick, it should be regarded with the deepest suspicion.

  5. Alum from the Banks says:

    If you mean there was no mention of this weak peremptory opinion:

    then you must favor RU1000 even more. I applaud THNT for running a contrary opinion, but its argument is weakly constructed saying that the Academic Progress Rate of athletes is tied to Rutgers overall academics–maybe a little, but it is not a real indicator of academics when you sample such a small specialized population. And that chorus of “You just don’t get it” in the opinion sounds like a whiny teenager asking for a later curfew from their parents.

    While we’re reading THNT today, let’s refer to:

    I don’t want to give the article away but it starts: “In yet another sign that New Jersey is turning its state colleges and universities into orphaned institutions…” Good thing we have football to take pride in…I guess I just don’t get it.

  6. Alum from the Banks says:

    If that is not the article the above posters are referring to, please direct me to it.

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