“Secrecy breeds skepticism at Rutgers”

Even Gannett, which has generally been favorable to Mulcahy III’s reign of self-indulgence, blows the whistle on Mulcahy III’s Nixonian secrecy in today’s editorial. As Gannett writes: “Rutgers athletics officials have no one but themselves to blame” and that means Mulcahy III.

Fire him, put an end to the misery of Schianogate that continues to associate the once good Rutgers name with secrecy, hidden deals and worse.

Meantime, the remaining members of the Rutgers special committee to whitewash Mulcahy III’s wrongdoings have been named. Ho-hum. A member of the Board of Governors, a longtime member of the Board of Trustees, a onetime Rutgers basketball player, Hollis Copeland…. What was the headline of that Gannett editorial? Oh, right, we are using it above.

We are yelling hurray because this group spares us the need to waste energy denouncing it. Slick McCormick has created a self-ridiculing group and, for saving us the effort, we are thankful.

Even a booster shouts on Rivals: “All in all its pretty stacked in favor of finding no problems, which is what we want.”

Another booster guffaws on the Rivals board: “ Not only they are not going to find any problems. Hollis may even bash those making unfounded allegations.”

Indeedy, Slick McCormick, that’s some panel you’ve put together!

To what end? Today another of Greedy Greg Schiano’s heralded “commits” has decommitted, as the fall-out from the Schianogate scandal inflicts more damage on the Rutgers reputation. We’d predicted this class would shatter; it’s happening.

Lastly, there’s this report that — surprise! — says that New Jerseyans pay the highest state and local tax burden in the nation. The highest! And yet state support for public colleges keeps falling. Where do the monies go? Take a look at Mulcahy III and the 100+ million stadium expansion boondoggle to get some sense of where our tax dollars are at work (or lollygagging as the case may be). Indeed if Phase 2 of the expansion were to go forward — without the $30 million Corzine promised to privately raise but he cannot because of the economy and with costs spiraling well over the initial $102 million estimate — can you guess who would be left holding this stinky bag of bad planning, cronyism, and ego-driven building?


8 Responses to “Secrecy breeds skepticism at Rutgers”

  1. Tom Arena says:

    OK, stop being so absurd. At least you know what you are getting with the much needed stadium expansion. Where is all that tuition money going? What drain is it going down? There is at least a return on the money spent on the football program. A better stadium improves recruitment. Bigger crowds do impact the teams performance, which can get them into bigger bowl games, which are rather financially lucrative. A larger fan base produces a lot more team boosters, a lot more money comes in thanks to them. Look at the long term, a successful Division 1 team means big bucks and a lot of prestige and respect for the University. Obviously you were not a business major, or you might have a clue. It takes money to make money, and does involve a certain amount of risk. This is a no brainer, it’s money well spent. Instead you want RU to become an Ivy league type school, which will never happen. The football team is well along the way to becoming a national power, but you want it to fail. Disgraceful.

  2. Grumpy alum says:

    I never cease to wonder where the logical granny-knots boosters post here come from.

  3. carmine says:


    They come from a place called reality.

  4. Grumpy alum says:

    Well then Carmine, where is the evidence that “bigger crowds do impact [a] team’s performance”? Who carried out the study? Does this mean we can directly correlate winning records with stadium sizes? Will those teams who’ve built bigger stadia this last year thus perform better than last year? I mean, c’mon. If this is your “reality”, then I can see why you’re a booster.

    Here’s another: “it takes money to make money, and does involves a certain amount of risk”. Wow, what a perfect definition for the act of gambling. You pay out money, with no guarantee of getting it back, in the hope of making more. Let’s at least be clear that this is what we’re doing with money that otherwise would be spent on academics and maintenance – in short, on those things integral to a university.

  5. hinson32 says:

    Actually Grumpy, stadium size does relate to winning. Do some research into this. Take a look at the past national champions and the size of their stadiums. You will find that the schools with the largest stadiums win the most.

  6. Grumpy alum says:

    And there isn’t a shred of evidence that expanding a stadium helps a team’s performance, as is the claim. As for size, having a large stadium sure as hell hasn’t helped Notre Dame lately. I must say, the flood-tide of bogus evidence in support of the teetering football program at Rutgers seems to point to a real desperation amongst boosters. That Old Queens itself has been spinning the nation-wide demographic bubble in college-age kids as “proof” of football’s success disgusts me. But then, I guess I’m used to overestimating the current administration and BoG at Rutgers.

  7. Concerned says:

    Hey hinson, then by your misguided RU educated mind what RU needs to do is find out who has the largest capacity college football arena (that would probably be Michigan’s at a capacity of 107,501) and add one more seat to that (I’ll make it easy for you, that would be 107,502). Because that would then give you the largest stadium, and since you believe that those with the largest stadiums win the most, then you can declare yourselves national champions at the grand opening of the Squirrel and Cricket Stadium in New Brunswick (aptly named for those most likely to inhabit the place).

    BTW, when is the last time Michigan won a National Championship? (Again, I’ll make it easy for you, it was 1997). I guess those with smaller stadiums and especially those at Appalachian State must have missed the memo.

    Hinson, face it, RU should be aspiring to be more like the Appalachian State’s of the world than the Florida’s and Michigan’s of the world where RU fails miserably in comparison.

  8. Milkman says:

    DearRutgers 1000.May we sugges that you start a petition to halt all future stadium construction until tuitin is stabilized,students are given rooms that they paid for and that there is an official overseer in place. You can start on campus,goto SOS followers and then to upset fans and alumni at the games. Then present your petitions to the Boxer and Malone investigative bodies ,as well as the various media outlets and legislators. Your turning the tide but it’s now time for Hurricane Hammer to hit Piscataway with category 5 winds felt all the way to Trenton.

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