Calling Megan Mulcahy

Talk about smoking guns.

For those wondering why the NJ Inspector General has been sitting on her hands regarding Schianogate, Mulcahy III, and the rest of the stinky shenanigans surrounding Rutgers’ pursuit of “middling time” but expensive sports, the Star Ledger (in a piece not online alas) offers clarification in the person of one Megan Mulcahy, a $105,000 state employee who serves as — drum roll please — chief of staff to the Inspector General, the Ledger reports.

Ms. Mulcahy of course is a daughter of Mulcahy III, the lifelong Trenton hack who apparently believes that the family that works together, works together.

Per the Inspector General’s website, this office’s brief is this: “The Office of the Inspector General is dedicated to seeking out waste, mismanagement and fraud in government spending and ensuring the accountability and integrity of all state agencies. This office will: review procurement and public contracts; receive complaints; and perform investigations to make certain that programs are in compliance with State laws.”

Wouldn’t you have thought the Rutgers stadium expansion boondoggle qualified on multiple levels: mismanagement, waste, and who knows what worse has been hidden under the Schianogate big top. The Nelligan Sports contract alone is worth a look by the Inspector General but, oh, wait, isn’t that the deal that involves employment of a Mulcahy son, Robert J?

So, we guess this NJ Inspector General won’t be looking into any of the madcap spending and dealmaking revolving around Rutgers sports.


How many more Mulcahy III offspring are on the public dole? It’s a sincere question. Readers, please write with info.

Today is a short blog. Use the time we’ve saved you to plunge into The Soprano State: New Jersey’s Culture of Corruption.


4 Responses to Calling Megan Mulcahy

  1. hinson32 says:

    Whats next? Mulchay’s grand daughter was made hall monitor of her third grade classroom.

  2. Grumpy alum says:

    It’s the usual story. This state isn’t interested in cleaning up its nest, as this would threaten too many of the pigs at the Trenton trough. Corzine slashes Rutgers’ budget while pampering his union buddies and Mulcahy funnels taxpayer dollars into things like junket vacations to Texas, bowl rings for politicos, and unlimited helicopter use for a football coach. At least the NJ voters can dump Corzine next year. Mulcahy was dumped on Rutgers and is beyond any accountability to the taxpayers’ whose money he burns.

  3. Not again says:

    Can’t spell corRUption without RU in the middle of it. By the way,did the Governor show up to sign autographs at FanFarce yesterday? Kind of like OJ smarteeing it up at a Country Club.

  4. amy says:

    Does anyone know which Star LEdger has the full article?

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