Rutgers pegged for 7th in Big East

We said it first here.

CBS Sportsline now is piling on with its gloomy pick.

How many millions more must Mulcahy III waste before sobriety sets in on the Banks? Rutgers football is mediocre. On its better days. Period.

Rutgers fans go berserk as they attempt to battle off reality here.

We hold to our prediction: the waiting list will evaporate and, by the Army game, the stands will be half empty.


2 Responses to Rutgers pegged for 7th in Big East

  1. JQ says:

    Preseason picks are next to meaningless. They’re only to get people interested in buying the magazines and watching the shows that make them. They almost never match up well with the final results at season’s end.

    The overall direction of the football program is postive with Rutgers bringing in what will probably be its best recruiting class ever. (And yes, I know that Desmond Scott and Mark Brazinski have decommitted.) As long as that continues, things will continue to look bright for the Scarlet Knights’ football future.

  2. Not again says:

    The bottom falls out and the wheels fall off the expensive lil red wagon and some still want to call it a sportscar. The Scarlet Kool Aid served up over the last eight years have blinded many.
    Today’s other new fauz paux finds that most of the larger donors and priviliged still haven’t received their season tickets.Even those with a handful of years in are finding their packets missing parking passes despite hefty increases in donations. 3rd ticket manager in a handful of years and they still can’t even get the faithful their seats as promised. Can you picture if and when more seats are ever added?Employees blaming the shipping from Arkansas as the problem. Pardon me,what country are we in?
    A true booddoggle. Hard number withdrawing from the waiting list have diminished also.
    The Codey Cavern-3 Ring Knight Club may not be ready. No south end zone seats for students to yell F-Army and the best they could get to replace Notre Dame with was Kent State? Paying $750,000 to bring in yet another mutt to the House of Mud.
    The Fiasco just looms larger every week.Look at the bright side.At least none of the new centurions got locked up this month.Think of all the bail money and legal fees saved.

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