“Codey’s an idiot,” et. al.

“Codey’s an idiot, and you can print that,” said Zoffinger. That’s the best line in this write-up about Zofflinger, by Mulcahy III publicist (oops, apparently he claims to be a journalist) Rick Malwitz. Certainly, we think Three Ring Codey is a flaming idiot as well as a poster boy for the Trenton culture of thuggery and theft that has transformed the Garden State into one big patronage pit. Codey is garbage with legs and, yes, Mr. Zofflinger, an idiot in the bargain.

Meantime, the GOP in Piscataway is pointing blaming fingers at the town’s Democratic mayor, claiming that passes he got that allowed entry into the Presidential box at Rutgers football games constitute a kind of payola. Our take on this: get real. We cannot imagine there exists a soul that desires to sup with Slick McCormick. The mayor may be bent, but his Presidential passes are no evidence of anything other than a willingness to waste autumn Saturdays with dreary company.

And then there is Fran Wood’s piece from 8-17, “Rutgers Shows Disrespect for the Public” (not online). Amen. Wood laments: “a lack of transparency has permeated the stadium project and the football
program in general.”

Wood adds: “In a recent oped in this paper, Rutgers athletic director Robert Mulcahy insisted stadium expansion is going just as planned. Others say that it is running behind, that they are rethinking future phases, and that a projected $30 million in public donations seems a pipe dream. Could it be that some of the prime movers still think we taxpayers can’t handle the truth?”

Indeed, because Mulcahy III also claims a chimerical $5 million profit earned by football in 2007 which is an outright lie. Let us see an audited p & l statement for Rutgers football. One that takes into account such things as a use fee for the stadium, grounds maintenance, gameday security — charge them all appropriately to football and what happens to the “profit?” Losses are the norm in Division I football and claiming Rutgers is in the black presupposes a very stupid audience (and, yes, we know the boosters have jumped on this and run it up their wobbly flag pole…but didn’t we say something about stupid?).

And there are closing thoughts from onetime Rutgers administrator Norman McNatt. Here is his letter to the New York Times:

To the Editor:

As a Rutgers alumnus and former administrator, I found your editorial both sad and enraging.

You correctly identify a failure of leadership at Rutgers and the shared responsibility of the State Legislature. But the failure reaches further than the president’s office, and the Legislature’s complicity has been compounded by its long-term neglect of the academic needs of Rutgers.

Two Rutgers presidents have essentially abdicated direction of athletics to athletics boosters on the boards of trustees and governors and to an athletic director obsessed by a chimera. Four of the nine members of the new athletics review committee set up by the university’s president, Richard L. McCormick, are current or former members of the Rutgers governing boards. The committee’s findings are all too predictable.

Rutgers, once a proud private university, was co-opted by the State of New Jersey in 1956 to become the state university. But the once-substantial public support promised for Rutgers has steadily fallen.

Big-time athletics, touted to offset financing cuts, has cost Rutgers its academic stature. Twenty years ago, six graduate programs were ranked in the top 10 nationally. Today, only one is in that distinguished company.

Norman McNatt
Princeton Junction, N.J.


5 Responses to “Codey’s an idiot,” et. al.

  1. hinson32 says:

    Does it bother Rutgers 1000 that a Penn State graduate and a citizen of Penn. sit on the BOG at Rutgers? One would hope the BOG at RU would have enough pride to at least live in the state they are claiming to serve. It is now 100% clear who was leaking all the false information to the Star Ledger. I loved it how Zoffinger denied having interest in the athletic directors job at Rutgers until he was shown his quotes from 1997. A bitter, jealous man who was made to sit and watch as Mulchay got the job he wanted.

  2. hinson32 says:

    I just though about something else that bothers me about Zoffinger. He sits on the Rutgers BOG and states that Schiano is worth every penny we pay him. Then he goes on to state that GS will leave for Penn State in a heart beat. What?? Even if he belives that, he can not say that in print. He works for RU. What a joke.

  3. Grumpy Alum says:

    I particularly loathe Codey. He is the model, the original cast, of the corrupt Jersey politico wallowing in the trough of my taxpayer dollars. Zoffinger is right that the Ginats deal was an utter disgrace – taking my money to fund some billionaires’ pet hobby.

    As for the question above, no – that Zoffinger is from PSU doesn’t bother me in the slightest. My only criterion for the BoG is competence. Put it this way; Al Gamper is an alumnus of Rutgers.

  4. carmine says:

    The most telling part of the story was that Zoffinger was John Lynch’s pet rock. I wonder if Zoffinger is happy with his daughter’s salary as the cheerleading coach at Rutgers. Is that a conflict?

  5. pinosa pudex says:

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