Blowing the Whistle on Rutgers

The Star Ledger’s Margolin and Sherman stab another knife into Rutgers’ leadership with this expose, Rutgers’ fiscal practices were critiqued in internal audit.

They write: “Months before revelations of hidden deals and no-bid contracts sparked two investigations, Rutgers University auditors were warning that no one was watching the money flooding into the school’s athletic department.

A confidential internal audit issued nearly six months ago criticized the department’s fiscal controls — including hundreds of thousands of dollars in off-the-books spending that never appeared in the Rutgers budget.”

Even internal auditors apparently could smell the stench of Schianogate — the profligate spending, the lack of transparency, the secret stashes of cash, the utter indifference to public opinion. But their report was ignored.

Margolin and Sherman go on: Auditors found the athletic department subsidized the travel costs of boosters and other VIPs who accompanied the Scarlet Knights on charter flights to post-season bowl games the past three years, at a time when the university was hiking tuition and cutting academic budgets. It also discovered that the department understated its expenses for those games in reports to the administration and concluded the athletic department lacked the ability to collect and reliably report critical financial information “to the president, CFO, the board and the public.”

So, Mulcahy III lied about the expenses he incurred (how many times have we said that before?) and now we learn that at the very time students are getting socked with ever higher tuition and fees for a diminishing education, Mulcahy III did not hesitate in showering his “VIPs” (Three Ring Codey, is that you?) with freebies, perks and more.

Read the full expose here.

The AP, meantime, has piled on, with its story, Report: Auditors warned of Rutgers Athletics Troubles. The AP lead is this: “Rutgers University auditors warned of financial troubles at the school’s athletics department, months before revelations of possible mismanagement sparked two investigations, according to a published report.”

Literally dozens of newspapers across the country now have run with this story, bringing more shame, more disgrace to Rutgers, despite Slick McCormick’s continued chant that football will bring good things to the university.

How much more shame does Mulcahy III have to dump on Rutgers before he is terminated? Ditto for Slick McCormick.

The stench of Schianogate is turning a colonial university into a garbage heap of jockstraps.


4 Responses to Blowing the Whistle on Rutgers

  1. Grumpy Alum says:

    One wonders at just how much corruption, concealment and duplicity has to be uncovered before someone somewhere decides to take action. And McCormick still insists that the football program is a point of pride for my Alma Mater.

  2. Serpico says:

    Plenty more where that came from.How about a certain Rutgers admnisitrator thathas tickets avaialable even after ges are supposedly sold out.How about the same individual harrassing people through the parking supervisors throughout the season of people he deems that don’t donate enough.
    We see the Wahler charade getting peeled away.Think family Ms. Goodman,think family.
    How about ex AG Peter Harvey being wined and dined at the Mcormick Merlot blasts while he was supposedly investigating things at RU. Wonder if Ms.Milgram will maintain the same ethical awareness? If she’s a good girl,maybe she too can get a Rings like the scarlet clad Seton Hall Daddy Warbucks version of the Pillsbury Doughboy.Might not hurt for Mr.Boxer to take a look at the last RU-BCflght up few years back or the RU-USF part plane ride.Might be surprised who was on it.Leadfoot Annie are you listening?
    The RU Irony factor and the surrounding coverups are amazing anymore. The Corz flips his SUV with a troopr driving while attempting to mediate a Napaho peacepipe between the Stringalinga tribe and the IMusmen. Now the AG gets wind of the RU invest and can’t get out of Middlesex County quick enough screaming “I’m gonna need a tractor triailer” while getting couponed on 130 for it. THere isn’t a scarlet heavy twill throw large enough to cover all this day in and day out. The first Richter readings are staggering with plenty more to follow. The spin machine has just about broken down and Gilbanitis quake is upon us yet again. Make sure Codey and Corz are cush at the Bing Lounge,while the rest of the taxpayers,tutition toters,stydents,alums and fans pay for it. Can’t wait for that comfort to turn to cuffs.

  3. Yahooda says:

    When does it end?

  4. James Cahill says:

    Why don’t you do us all a favor and identify yourself in full?

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