Prayers for Rutgers


4 Responses to Prayers for Rutgers

  1. ferdek says:

    very funny! Ru1000 needs all the help it can get…keep it simple let god show the way!

  2. RC02 says:

    Rutgers 1000 my thoughts and prayers are also with you.

  3. RUcklessDriving says:

    Amen brother. Big East,RU Football stinkin it up so far,3 investigations of the Big Red Con Job.Iy just doesn’t get any better than this.Maybe an full blown expose by the Ledger,Musgnick,Record and 1000 on all the Mulcahy Morons th have gone afoul of the law in the last decade and how much it cost the university in legal fees,victims injuries and where are they all now? Your athletic money at work.

  4. BarnWasBest says:

    Looking good!

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