The Finger Effect at Rutgers

Who is this RU fan giving the finger to?

* Schiano?


* The world?

* You?

* Us?

ESPN caught this moment in the nationally televised game last night and, yet again, let us thank McCormick and Mulcahy for bringing us all this wonderful coverage. 

See the live action version here, and here.  

The Ledger put it all on the website.

Boston College had the alleged Flutie Effect.  Will Rutgers have the Finger Effect?

The Ledger also observes that Schiano is the subject of ridicule among fans. He makes $2 million a year (by far the most overpaid coach in the NCAA); he should be able to take this.  

Oh…Tim Curley’s phone number is 814-865-1086.  He’s Penn State’s AD (a guy who actually knows how to do the job, not a political hack who is playing out some childhood fantasy about being a sports tycoon). You might call him and see if he’ll take Schiano off your hands.  We suspect we know the answer but it is worth a shot.

Sha-la-la. It’s just called bad luck.


9 Responses to The Finger Effect at Rutgers

  1. Milkman says:

    After 8 years and over $15M in a bank account with another guaranteed $2M plus for 10 more years,this isn’t building a program but more like milking it.How about some open meetings too and not going around the Sunshine Law when it comes to taxpayers,alumni,students and fans funds? The administration and Governor claim to now be a transparent University but sure in the hell don’t practice it.”It’s Time” to open the books,all of them and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. Alum from the Banks says:

    I hope for the sake of the University’s dignity, the Rutgers Administration issues a full apology to the public for the action of the student giving the camera the finger and holds him accountable through a student judicial hearing (some form of public reproach in the least).

    The University is again going to have to bite the bullet on this one and file another apology next to the “F-Navy” incident. Football inspiring a state? Inspiring a state to clear out the stadium before the end of the 3rd quarter.

    Now even the supporters of the program want to hold off on the expansion. Can the BoG take a hint here?

  3. Chuck says:

    All I can say is “Only in Jersey.”

    Next time they try to do something big, they should hire outsiders. What a pathetic joke. Schiano should meet his fellow NJ native Charlie Weis. I’m sure Jabba the Weis can give Schiano some advice on how to make the least out of your talent.

  4. ferdek says:

    If the whole stadium gave ESPN the finger then maybe then we should be upset. Do you know how many fingers are raised during an RU football game? Thousands and most are meaningless. So drop it already before it becomes “fingergate.” More importantly RU needs leadership at this point on the stadium expansion and on Schiano’s contract.

  5. bronxboy says:

    Ferdek, it would be wonderful to concentrate on the larger issues like getting rid of big time football altogether, but when you’re repeatedly told by the administration that playing on national tv brings prestige to the university and is a major reason for professionalized sports at RU the point has to be refuted in kind and as often as possible. In a way, the whole stadium did give the country or at least the citizens of NJ the finger when the football obsessed boosters fled their newly refurbished, posh playpen in the middle of the third quarter for the second week in a row.

    It’s wonderful to see such exemplary school spirit and pride from those who profess to love RU so much. There must have been about five people left to sing the alma mater after the game. The entire spectacle was a disgrace. But hey, that’s the definition of big time football.

  6. SecretMeeting says:

    Isn’t that the way Hitler got it going to get things done.Backroom unscrutinized get togethers so the Bund can seek out detractors.

  7. MM says:

    Ferdek, if “[t]housands” of middle fingers are raised at at Rutgers games their fans and students are even more vulgar than I suspected.

  8. rc early 90s says:

    Re calling alumni for $$:

    As a heretofore regular but small donor to the university I received my annual solicitation call earlier today. I explained that due to mismanagement of the athletics program (including abolition of Olympic sports, secrecy, Schiano’s pay, stadium expansion), I was suspending my donations until I see some improvements in this area. As expected, the caller did her best to dissuade me, which is her job and which she did well.

    What concerned me particularly was her apparent ignorance of how the stadium expansion was financed (allegedly, exclusively from private support). The caller seemed genuinely surprised when I had to explain to her that stadium financing comes from at least $72MM in Rutgers U. bonds plus $30MM in donations, of which only <$2M has been raised.

    I can’t help but wonder how widespread this misinformation is among the student body,

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