Rutgers Fans

See the fight at the Fresno State game here.  

Classic footage from last year’s Marland game is here.  

The Rutgers Finger Effect.

Memo to McCormick-Mulcahy: swell folks you’re attracting to the stadium.  We are told by very reliable sources that every game at Rutgers Stadium involves fights and rowdy misconduct by drunken fans, many of whom get intoxicated at tailgates held in university-owned parking lots.

But perhaps these fans need the booze to drown their sorrows.  Rutgers, in year 8 of the reign of the $2 million man, Greedy Greg Schiano, ranks 78 in Sagarin…and the computer says it is quite possible that Navy will beat Rutgers in Annapolis next Saturday.  That 78, incidentally, puts Rutgers at #7 in the 8 team Big East.  Some return on the many, many millions that have been spent on football!


7 Responses to Rutgers Fans

  1. Milkman says:

    How about a full accounting of arrests and legal costs incurred by Rutgers atheltics during the last decade? Go from the Bannon nude practices through thebat wielding wrestlers,the slice and dice basketball queen,the gun running and female coed battering football heroes, the coaches,the lawyers fees and see just how much the state university has been traveling in the “right direction”under this regime and what barrister(s) has been used. You and legislators,the taxpaying public and student body may be very surprised.

  2. FresnoFrank says:

    I walked into the game a few weeks back doning my Bulldog golf shirt and was verbally abused by numerous punks,near your stadium.This later I learned was a parking area called your scarlet lot.If these are supposedly your more afluent supporters and this is the way visitors are treated,you sure have a long way to go in being a respectible university.The nearest police officer wasn’t the least bit concerned as others were also subjected to additional slurs and obscene tirades for simply walking to our seats.
    Maybe in the next few years,we can return your form of hospitality. By the way,your team stinks too.

  3. TheOakMan says:

    Apologies dude. While it seems to have gotten much worse over the last few years.many of us don’t agree with the disrespect shown you and other Fresno visitors.That location is usually for our elder,well to do crowd,but we too have noticed the mouths who some how wangled in there of late.The ones we saw are right on the end about ten rows back and appear to be students or recent grads and yes they are obnoxious.
    Congratulations on a solid victory and please don’t judge a book by it’s tattered Scarlet Cover.Good luck the rest of the way.

  4. 6thFleet says:

    Try pulling that kind of stuff at our place this weekend. Will your coach be tying up our pregame again?Maybe he’ll complain and try to block our Midshipmen from marching in as he does at your dump.Will he encourage your Miami style, thug student body to verbally lambast our families. Real class act.We should’ve dropped all our remaining games with you disrespectful cowards.Your AD’s apology is not accepted for either your coach’s or students actions over the last five years.

  5. ferdek says:

    Unfortunately the scenes shown in the clips are probably common at most DI games, pro-games and maybe even some D-II games. So it only proves that there are rowdy/drunken football fans in most venues. Football is an aggressive domination sport that plays on our most basic instincts of war. Many parts of the football lingo are either military or violence oriented so no surprises here. The spectacle of 50,000 adults screaming their brains out watching men run around carrying/throwing a ball and keeping score! Meaningless crap yet RU and hundreds of other Universities and Colleges spend hundreds of millions on its perpetuation! Talk about waste! More people attend sporting events than vote in national elections! Bread and circus is more important than choosing democratic leaders to govern. Build more medical schools-hospitals-libraries-bridges-etc.

  6. John Lister says:

    I don’t know what this means but the staff of the Busch Campus Shop is busily marking down RU clothing to 50% off at the moment.

  7. Jeff says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that our friends FresnoFrank and 6thFleet have come here to the RU1000 website to share their complaints about the booster culture at Rutgers? Talk about preaching to the choir. Has anyone read the “about” tab on this website?

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