Daily News Laughs at Rutgers, Mulcahy Lies, What Else Is New?

It isn’t pretty being Greedy Greg Schiano and Mulcahy III, architects of the multi-million dollar “Bottom 10” football program.  For those clamoring for music to mark the return to the Bottom 10, here you go.

We would feel sympathy for Greedy Greg and Himself III if they weren’t sucking the very life out of Rutgers the University.  It must be painful to awaken every day, look in the mirror, and hear the mirror saying: Schmuck, you really suck at your chosen work.

Of course the laugh is on us because we — Rutgers students and NJ taxpayers — are footing the bill for their bloated salaries.

Now the Daily News weighs in with, Rutgers, N.J. in state of unrest. The columnist, Dick Weiss, writes: “Suddenly, the celebration of Rutgers football has turned sour.”

In a reader poll, at the time we filed, 70% of voters said Rutgers would not even manage a .500 record this year.  Personally, we believe Rutgers will struggle to achieve a .250 record (three wins) but suspect that is in reach.  

Back to Weiss.  He writes: “Applications to the university have tripled from last year and the university is coming off a record year in development, raising $121million, according to athletic department officials.”  Wow…does Team Mulcahy lie!  Applications are up a negligible few percentage points just as they are up at just about every university in the country due to a baby bulge that is producing huge numbers of 18 year-olds.  Bragging about this negligible increase would be rather like bragging about notching 800 on the SAT math & verbal…but Team Mulcahy could tell us about that, too, couldn’t they?

Weiss also writes: “the unexpected string of losses has given ammunition to vocal critics who believe athletic officials at the state university of New Jersey have engaged in an out-of-control spending spree to increase coaches’ salaries. The school is in the midst of a $102million stadium expansion project – whose second phase is to be privately financed – while the state is facing a budget crisis and has slashed state aid to the school in recent years.

These critics specifically have targeted athletic director Bob Mulcahy and Schiano, who was rewarded after last season with a 10-year contract that could pay him upward of $2million with incentive bonuses; an interest-free loan to build a house on university-owned land; the free use of a helicopter for university business; and a $250,000 side deal with Nelligan Sports Marketing, which handles the school’s sponsorship deals. The school is conducting an internal review of financial controls in the athletic department.”

Fair enough, we’ll accept that reporting, our only question is: what’s stopping Old Queens from firing Mulcahy and Schiano, the architects of this failure?


One Response to Daily News Laughs at Rutgers, Mulcahy Lies, What Else Is New?

  1. John Lister says:

    Why does the Rutgers administration continue to parrot the misinformation about record donations in 2007-2008 when they know it’s false based on Rutgers own official statistics?

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